Powder for hunting cartridges — types of used components and a recommendation on how to choose

Powder for hunting cartridges - types of used components and a recommendation on how to choose

In today’s world there are a huge number of sanarov: sunar, UV, N, NE, 410 and many other types. They differ from each other, grained, material and surface quality of the grain, pressure and most importantly burn rate.

When You shoot a gun, then there is a rapid, complex but manageable process. Chemical energy transforms to heat the powder, and then into kinetic energy of the bullet (its motion).

Most often the powder that is used in most cases consists of cellulose nitrate and is called pyroxylin. This substance in turn is divided into pyroxyline and colloxylin. The first is used for the basis of gunpowder for small arms.

A very important aspect is the proper storage of gunpowder. Inappropriate and prolonged storage nitrates of cellulose can begin to decompose, leading to spontaneous combustion, therefore, its membership must include of diphenylamine. With this substance you can store the powder for up to 50 years, provided the integrity of the packaging, where it will lie the ashes.

An important component in the basis of powder as there is a moisture retarder (slows down the burning rate).

But there is another kind of powder, which is called dibasic gunpowder. It consists of nitroglycerine and centrality. All this is introduced to chemical resistance and increasing energy.

Form of powder can be completely different: a cylindrical shape with a channel, disc, sphere, etc. All these forms have nothing to do with advantage in small arms and does not matter.

It is also very important aspect will always be the geometric dimensions of the elements of gunpowder. For example — hot arch and its thickness, because it determines the burning time of the charge, the speed of pressure increase of gases. Very important and density. The dense gunpowder is gunpowder sunar N or superbars — the powder of the second representation of view, dibasic gunpowder.

It should be noted that foreign gunpowder is absolutely no different from domestic producers, which pleases the current owners of small arms. The only difference is in the forms produced gunpowder. Abroad primarily to produce gunpowder in the form of plates and discs, Russia produces the powder in a cylindrical shape with a channel in the form of a sphere. As mentioned earlier, the form does not affect the basic qualities of a certain powder for small arms.

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