Potatoes for carp

Big, strong and beautiful carp in the cage – the dream of every fisherman. To catch this you can do anything: worms, maggots, crayfish meat or nimble dragonfly. But these nozzles are not always at hand, but to find a few potatoes no problem. Potato carp love no less than we, so experienced carpatica suggest to catch it. In addition ulovistost this nozzle there is another fat plus savings. Potatoes cost a penny, but for boilies and carp mix has to give the entire stash, if not half the salary.

Potato bait for carp



The lure of potato not always equally attractive, that in this case all depends on the age of the vegetables. Young potatoes are light and watery, and last year’s yellow and filled with starch. It is much more nutritious, and if you choose the old tubers, carp will appreciate it.

How to prepare the bait? Potatoes wash and boil on low heat untreated. It is very important not to overdo it. You can not cook too long, otherwise the fruit will lose flavor, become soft and crumbly, causing the nozzle will fly off the hook when casting. Undercooked potatoes also no good, because it is hard. Ideally, cook the potatoes need about 15 minutes. It should then pull it from the pan, cool quickly to not have time to let the juice, and remove the skin. Some fans carp fishing prefer to use untreated tubers. They argue that this bait looks natural, and thus more enticing. Perhaps it is, but you can see this only through their own experiments.

Relative to the size of the vegetable, there are no restrictions: potatoes can be the size of a cherry or Apple. The latter is simply cut into small pieces (cubes) and onto the hook the same way as boilies. It is desirable to Supplement them with foam balls – this will give the bait buoyancy. To make the blocks visible, can also tint them with food coloring.


Sometimes foodie willing to not bite on the slices, and potato pulp, which contains additional components. It is easy to cook: boiled the potatoes clean and RUB on a grater, add a pinch of salt and sugar, and then mix it all with flour. The result is a thick batter. From this mold lumps of the desired size, throw them in already boiling water and boil for at least 20 minutes. It is the best nozzle that is suitable for catching on the spring and feeder. While the cooked balls onto a hook, and dough fills the trough.

The Council

The lazy fishermen cost canned potatoes purchased in the store. But practice shows that it only works in cases when the carp hungry and picks at everything. Much more is contained in this potato preservatives just scare away the fish. Why play the lottery? Better to spend a little time and prepare an appetizing bait, than to spend the day on the pond and did not see a single bite.

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