Pointers-everything you need to know to choose the dogs for hunting

First breed short-haired pointer (Kurzhaar German pointer) were born in Germany, so this country has a right to take her home. The main change in the breed survived in the late 19th century, when the blood of different breeds of cops was added the blood of the European pointing dogs. Due to this change shorthaired pointer breed has lost its heaviness and got great flair. In the 19th century was finally adopted standard of the breed. Although the process of improvement of the breed is in our days.

A very popular breed in Germany, shorthaired pointer, has not gained popularity in the vast Russian Empire. And in the Soviet Union was carried out active work on breeding, selection and improvement of qualities of this breed. Currently shorthaired pointer is quite popular on the territory of the former Soviet Union.

As a result of breeding selection hunters have one of the hunter – shorthaired pointer.

The main characteristics of the breed the following:

The dog’s growth slightly above average, about 60 centimetres at the withers. Dogs of this breed is higher than females. Chest setter lowered until the elbows of the front legs. Limbs, back, neck dogs have excellent muscle. Due to this, the dog needs regular exercise and training. The breed is very bold, vigorous and hardy.

Color Shorthair pointer brown, coffee color faster. There are white copies and coffee-speckled spots on the body. The dog’s head is usually always coffee-peg.

Hair of the dog is short, straight and stiff.

Pointers-everything you need to know to choose the dogs for hunting

An elongated pointer head is wedge-shaped, the back convex and not very wide. Jaws securely hidden lips. Small nose has the same color as all of your dog’s body, with the exception of cops with white color (nose color meat). Small, medium size, brown eyes adorn the head Shorthair pointer.

Ears dog of medium length, broad and pendulous.

Vysokopatogennym and thick tail, when using a gun for hunting, usually docked to half or a third of its length. It is noteworthy that during the run the dog’s tail is moving parallel to the ground in a line with her body.

Paws German pointer oval type with tightly clenched fingers. The teeth are sharp and smooth.

Breed usually reaches the weight of 25-35 pounds.

The most popular shorthaired pointer is a hunting bird and small game.

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