Pobrobno tell where to shoot a wild boar in various hunting conditions

Among avid hunters «campaign» for wild boar is considered a very popular and exciting form of hunting. Especially wild boar hunting is popular in the South and West of Russia, where these animals are found in large quantities. Wild boars live mainly in the mountainous regions of the Caucasus, Primorye, also it can often be found in the Russian forests.

Wild boar is a very dangerous and aggressive animals, especially if the animal is injured. That boar hunting has not ended in failure, each hunter must know where this animal is the «Achilles heel» to instantly kill the boar on the spot, and not just to wound. Therefore, experienced hunters mark boar immediately to your vital organs to the wounded animal for a long time did not run, and to eliminate the risk of their own health.

Boar is a kind of «barrel on short legs», which has a large head covers a good part of the body. So «fill up» this animal is difficult. «Sensitive» zones in wild boar are located in the front of the torso. If you can shoot from the side, you need to aim to a point located 20 cm above the lower line of the torso over the front leg. Here is the heart of the mammal.

Sometimes hunters specifically targeting the liver, the animal is quickly killed. However, it must be remembered, shot to the liver may affect the stomach, which can negatively affect meat quality — gastric mass, getting meat, give it a peculiar odor resistant.

The next place that is considered effective at the bottom, is the neck, or rather its middle. We need to aim at the level of the middle ear — here is the connection of the spinal cord and brain.

In the presence of high-precision weapons to shoot wild boar and close. The goal in this situation it is necessary or in the area of the eye or in the area of the ear – in these places have direct access to the brain.

Sometimes the hunt can occur in places where the tall grass of a wild boar is not visible, accordingly, the region of the heart and liver become unavailable. So «beat» it is necessary for the scapula of a boar, to damage the lung. It does not matter, will be shot left or right. With such a wound small individual immediately becomes stationary, and the larger animals will not be able to go far.

The described places are also relevant to the bill, and wild pigs. All of the above dealt with the use of bullet weapons.

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