Plasticine for fishing

With fishing man takes a break from homework hassles and enjoy the resulting catch. As is known, for effective and high-quality fishing essential tackle. An experienced fisherman is always trying to add a line of various parts, made his own.

Fishing plates? There are so many different baits for fish, they can be attributed to the clay. The clay is usually made of halva and cake, but there are other ingredients. Have a fishing clay high viscosity, making it for a long time is not washed away in water. Besides, components for the manufacture of clay have a specific smell that is especially attractive to the inhabitants of the waters. Fishing clay effectively biting bream, roach, crucian carp and other representatives of the family Cyprinidae. Clay peas are usually rod-popovchenko or spinning. Among fishermen the clay is especially popular in the summer.

For the manufacture of fishing clay requires patience, experience and knowledge. Each fisherman preparing clay is done in its own way, and this fact should not surprise anyone, after all, to prepare the clay needed flight of fancy. When taking the same cereals, but in different quantities and with different ingredients can be entirely different clay.

Fishing clay belongs to the vegetable bits, and like any plant tips the main advantage of it is size. With this size you can easily discard unnecessary trinket. Although each fisherman his own idea about the pettiness of fish. Fishing clay is very tenacious, so you can close up the hook, without fear for reliable fastening. Clay in water can be dissolved from several hours to several days, and when dissolved around clay turbidity does not occur. It can be used with small hooks and swing a fishing rod for fishing medium and large size. Nothing is perfect, so even plasticine for fishing is no exception. A significant disadvantage of clay lies in its rapid deterioration. It can become stale, covered by solid crust, sour and become unfit for further fishing, this is especially dangerous in the summer. But, if done correctly, you can avoid it. How to prepare clay for catching certain species of fish Prepare clay for catching carp.

Fishermen know how much can be finicky carp. There is not a single recipe of clay work great when fishing for carp. The recipe first. The peas are soaked for twelve hours, at the expiration of the specified time, peas need to skip through a meat grinder a couple of times. In order to obtain the desired consistency, you must use the add semolina. This clay will be good to stay on the hook, and to have an attractive smell for the fish. The second recipe. For this recipe takes a loaf of rye bread, wholemeal, potatoes, flour, corn, sunflower or corn oil.

Technology further preparation coincides with the first technology prescription. Preparation of clay for catching bream. Bream are biting well on vegetable bait. For the preparation of clay have a bunch of semolina, ordinary peas and a little honey. You also need to pre-soak the peas. Put on fire a pot of water, after boiling, to which add the peas. It needs to cook at least two hours. After two hours remove the pan from the heat, drain the water. For taste add a teaspoon of honey. Preparation of clay for carp fishing. Carp is a foodie, so he always prepared a combined clay, contains potatoes, millet, oatmeal, cheese, etc. Potatoes should be pre-boiled in their skins, then peel the potatoes and mash until state puree. Potatoes mixed with peas prepared in a proportion of 6:4, and add the semolina. The resulting mass boil in the usual way. If the mass has the desired consistency, add the flour. The use of clay, the Beginner is often faced with the problem of ignorance about the correct attachment of clay on the hook. The clay is usually done in the form of a ball. So, received the ball you need to plant the hook so that the sting and the barb was hidden in the clay, then the fish will not be able to prick and slip off the hook. The size of the clay should match the fish you want to catch.

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