«Plasticine» Boyle

Progress does not stand still, and beside him improved gear and fishing equipment. Every day on the shelves of the fishing stores, a growing choice of nozzles and baits for fishing. But effective fishing for carp is almost impossible without boilies, aromatic additives (attractants), special baits.

Fish also do not «stand still» in their culinary tastes and increasingly abandons the traditional and high calorie bait – peas, boiled corn, potatoes, pressed cake. Carp and the carp have become real gourmets, after several times tried modern Boyle. As practice shows, the size of the trophies is much bigger than the fishermen, who prefer more advanced and modern attachments, than in those who catches traditional.

You are in luck if you found a pond with large fish, is not accustomed to modern nozzles, and the main rope, which she caught is «maculati». Do not rush to get the purse and go to a fishing shop and start your path of experimentation of making boilies alone. It will be correct in the formulation of Boyle add traditional components of the usual fish. Recipe clay boilies not include any exotic ingredients to craft you will need: grind sunflower cake, halva, roast and grind hemp seeds, vanilla sugar.

Take equal parts halva and sunflower meal and begin carefully hands to laminate the mixture for quarter of an hour. In the process of kneading you get rid of excess oil that will allow you to turn the mixture from a crumbly state in plastilinovye. In a well-mixed viscous mass, add roasted and crushed hemp seeds and vanilla sugar.

From the resulting mass to form a boilie size you need. Installation of boilies on the hair is a snap. Before fishing boilies needs to be dried in the sun for about 5 minutes to impart a little stiffness. Such nozzles even in the fast current capable of up to 5 hours to save the form, not dropping with the hair snap, forming themselves around an attractive cloud of mist, which by its sweet taste gathers around bait schools of fish. Another advantage of such bait is that it is the inaccessibility of small specimens, the size of the finished Boyle you can pick up while fishing on the basis of observations.

Don’t be afraid to experiment, to break stereotypes even in this question of fishing, it is sure to bring positive results, in the form of a trophy and a lot of positive emotions.

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