Plants-tips for fishing for carp

First of all, it should be noted that the use of aquatic plants as nozzles more effective in the late spring and early summer during this period, young shoots of plants is very gentle, soft and are a delicacy for many cyprinids, including for carp (see figure «Water plants with floating leaves: Nuphar lutea; b — reed, horsetail; Mr. pondweed standardized»).

One day I was fishing on the big lake. Despite the fact that it was tested a lot of tips, the bite was not. Meanwhile, the fish are actively fed — nearby, in the reeds, and broke against my skin, heard the Champ, flinch, the young shoots of plants. The fish were fed, but what? All the doubts disappeared at once, when far away, once again, jerked a month. I got into the water, chose the young tender shoot and carefully cut it at the root. The stem was rough, but under a thin skin was an emerald green tender flesh. Cutting off a small piece the size of half an inch, I put it on a hook and cast the nozzle… after five minutes took a carp, then another… eventually, around ten, my garden was about 4 kg medium size carp caught exclusively on young shoots of reeds, or rather its core.

The perfect nozzle is horsetail. Before July, the stem becomes hard, rough, but in the spring and early summer it is fine. Use the top tender part of the plant. The skin is not clean. On a hook baited with a piece about 1 cm in length.

I had to use the stems of the yellow box. They peeled like a reed. The tender spongy flesh is an excellent nozzle.

A delicacy for carp — the young shoots of pondweed is standardized. The tip is cleaned from the leaves, and the hook baited with a thin stem so that the tip was closed. In addition to these, many plants are suitable as heads, but there are those who, on the contrary, deter carp: Buttercup water — all parts contain toxic substances that prevent his eating cyprinids — carp, roach, carp, Rudd etc. Strelolist ordinary thickets avoids a lot of fish. Ceratophyllum dark green highlights the tannins, scaring aquatic organisms and fish.

Elodeya canadian time forms thickets so dense that to get through them even on the boat becomes difficult. Crucian carp, roach and other fish avoids sites canadian villains.

But in General, poisonous plants not suitable to feed the fish, relatively little (see figure below).

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