Plant tips — potatoes, peas, corn, rice

In the modern fisheries employ such types of vegetable nozzles:

Boiled potatoes are most often used for catching breams, carps, roaches, chubs. Feeding potatoes should be mashed, you can use raw potato. Best for nozzle polarizzate there are varieties that do not disintegrate when cooked. Glutinous varieties of potatoes, the fish does not perceive. For this you need to boil potatoes until tender, peel only need near water.

The potatoes are usually caught using bait on the bottom. You can arrange the hooks in two ways: the hooks of large size can be completely hidden in potatoes, and small hooks strung small pieces and only on the tip of the hook. In early July, potato head should be about the size of half a thumb. Closer to autumn the size of the potato should decrease.

Well-cooked peas as good as the head of earthworm or potatoes. This pea will serve as the bait and a bait. Peas can be used all year, but the most successful will be fishing in the fall and spring. It is possible to catch bream, tench, Chub, IDE, carp, roach, barbel.

The peas can be fished using a floating bait, and if the pond is stagnant, then a bottom bait. When putting the peas on the hook, perhaps looking the tip of the hook. If peas are well cooked, then strung it across the seed furrows, if the pea is solid, string is perpendicular to it. Usually the peas, the fish gets used to this it must be bait and lure. When fishing on reservoirs without currents, the bait should be scattered in several places the day before the start of fishing. Before fishing in water should only throw a few peas. Also in the process of catching periodically need to throw in the water separate the peas closer to the float. Raw peas is not suitable for prepaymania and bait.

Corn is cooked the same way as peas. This is the most reasonable head of carp in angling in the beginning of autumn. Corn in the milk stage you can take and stick on the hook. If the corn stage of milky-wax, it is necessary to weld, the grain from the cob to get better attachment. On the hook wear of individual grains, as well as peas. It is necessary to string the grain longitudinally to the tip of the hook pierced the skin and a little peeking.

The rice should be cooked in a large volume of water then it is filtered and choose the largest grains, they are used as the nozzle, and small perfect for bait and bait. Good catch on the rice under poor water clarity.


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