In our time, in specialized stores you can easily find a huge variety of tackle and lures for catching pike. Winter pike fishing is as exciting as summer. Fans of winter fishing not afraid nor frost, nor wind. They are happy to sit near the hole for several hours, and, left without a catch, did not upset. For pike in the winter rod and screws, is the main equipment of a fisherman. In addition, you need to carefully choose the place for fishing and bait for pike.

Autumn zhor pike starts in late August and ends in early November. In small streams the water cools faster, and biting starts there first, and then it will be possible to catch pike on big lakes.

Pike is a predator, but its natural beauty and strength are admirable. Need to know where and how a pike lives, when it hunts. Pike lives in isolation. The best places in the pond belong to the adult fish, so the youngsters huddled near the shore. Pike takes usually place near the reeds, where more oxygen and suitable for her climate. In such places, a lot of fish, so the bite can last all day. Pike struggles to deep space, where it reaches a large size. Some specimens grow to 10 kilograms. Found another type, in which length dominates over width. Pike that live near the shore, of little interest to anglers, as they have little weight. Each pike has its own route and its cover, the better the weather the longer route. Trails large pike never intersect. Pike are ambush fish, mainly from their permanent shelters, and attack suddenly. The pike bite is directly dependent on the time of year and weather conditions.

Bite they differ in that the big pike grabs the bait quickly, almost without stopping, and the fish are smaller, on the contrary, the lack of fry and hurries to hide in order not to become the hunted. Experienced fishermen often advised to change seats if there are no bites.

Look for bays, shallow pits, the river is a favorite habitat of the pike. Here they prey on fry. It is best to go fishing for pike in November, December, and March. In the winter months the pike in a daze, not moving around the clock, and even for weeks. Gills and stomach of the pike at this time covered with various parasites. However, if you know pike habits, you are guaranteed successful fishing.

In the winter often catch pike on the imitation fish. The truth is to find places where pikes are in abundance, you often have to carry their imitation fish. But you’ll be pleased with the catch, when you reach the perch the winter. Peck pike on the minnow, roach, perch and ruff.


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