Pike lures

Most often, we go fishing for any specific fish. And you always want to catch something bigger. The most common large predator of the European part of Russia is pike. She coveted trophy in the catch of each fisherman. Below are the most popular pike baits.


The simplest and most ancient of all artificial lures. For large specimens use a heavy spoon lures weighing more than 20 grams. For catching small will fit and rotate from 1 room, but this spinner may be tempted by a real crocodile. The movement of the lure should be slow, without a strong jerk.

Is also useful to attach bright feathers or a piece of red thread in the back of the tee. This will give your lures more visibility and smooth motion.


Due to its shape, lures more successfully mimic different species of fish, and after zaglubljaetsja blades, more interesting for pike with their kidneys. Fishing with crankbaits is relatively easier than using lures, because you don’t have to follow the wiring, Wobbler plays himself. Also crankbaits worse drown and float, which gives a small bonus when you need to stick to a certain depth when posting.


This lure is most similar to real fish, frogs, worms, and even crayfish. This is achieved by using different materials, from silicone to wood. The main goal of any lure is to attract the attention of a predator. Swimbait cope with it the best way possible. With a sharp jerk to the transaction, the decoy becomes very similar to the dying creature. Noticing the bait, the predator immediately attacks it, as it is in her instincts. The most efficient and expensive bait of all.


If you definitely want to catch the trophy, then this lure is for you. They as well as climbrate very accurately imitate the dying animals, but can swim, and drown, and sometimes even equipped with blades. Feature, with which you will catch what trophies there are quite a large size lure. The way the wiring remains the same — sharp jerks.


Is a steel wire, it has multiple petals and a hook with a sinker from the tail. Petals revolve around spinnerbait that attracts the attention of a predator. The most optimal when fishing in pits in shallow waters when around a lot of vegetation. It is also worth noting that the species of fish that may bite on this lure, depends on the number of petals. The more — the more active predator bites.


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