Pike in the early spring

Probably every fisherman is looking forward to spring. Finally, after the long cold evenings to take your spinning rod and go fishing, try your luck at catching the toothy beauties.

Each body of water seems to be the perfect fishing spot, even if it is a small swamp. In the first days of March, before the pike will begin to spawn, she will start the spring feeding period, in those days, pike is actively powered and catches almost everything, it is a unique time to knock askim after hibernation. All Northern pike from small to large to strive for the shallows where the water has already warmed a couple degrees.

Pike are full of eggs and not eager to chase the nimble prey. She’s looking for weak slowly floating prey. To catch pike during this period the most suitable rotating spinner, soft lures and small VOB. But in addition to lure is to determine the type and rate of the transaction. The lure of this type, as the rotating spinner is best to use a small size, with a blade which quickly start to slowly do the posting on the verge of collapse game petal, this posting will be a good stimulus for the pike and force it to attack your lure.

Silicone is also desirable to choose not very large in size from 4-8 cm Well show themselves the twisters, vibrohvosta and all crustaceans, bugs with the active game, they should also be implemented slowly with a small step almost to hover in one place, and pike can’t resist your bait. Will fit most lures with a low penetration of one meter of small size, up to 8 cm type mine cranky.

Among the best lures of mine will fit suspender, due to their neutral buoyancy they can ticity almost at the same place and can provoke toothy beauty. After the pike spawn, it is not going away and remains in the shallows.

The water gets warmer, more transparent and begins active growth of coastal grass and algae. During this period, pike continues to eat and waiting for a white fish that starts to go to spawn. But we should not forget that at this time on most waters there comes a ban on catching fish. And if you get to the pond where there is no ban, or pay rates, you will be satisfied with the fishing, and do not exclude the factor of capture truly worthwhile trophy.

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