Pike. Behaviors

Toothy attractiveness for hunting spinnings, is in the first place. And not just for its culinary properties (in this it is inferior to the representatives of the carnivorous brotherhood), but because of the rather exciting and interesting fishing. And here’s what a typical, often, it seems, and weather conditions fits, and pike is, and does not want to take! We offer to your attention a number of features of the behavior of the spotted beauties that will surely help You to choose the right time and place and catchability tackle. Many people know that the activity of pike is in direct proportion to the position of the moon. On this account a research group of the company «Marr» even carried out a special study. So, here’s a more appropriate time for pike — young moon, when she is in the phase between quarter and half. Thus, in small ponds, this property is more pronounced than on the vast. Depends on the intensity of the bite and the pressure of the atmosphere . A more appropriate time – dolgoustoychivy weather, at the same time, no matter Sunny or cloudy. And the sudden change in fish greatly increases. It is also clear that some surge in activity at the time of the passage of the cyclone, but it is short-lived. It is necessary to consider the feature of the pike to hide from the sun. For example, when fishing in clear Sunny weather, the cast should be done taking into account the fact that most the ability to capture the bait will be out of the shade of coastal vegetation. In the summer, with the approaching storm, the highest peak of the bite of a predator can reach its own climax, and with the appearance of the first drops of rain to stop completely. And in winter, on the contrary we can note the activation of the predator from the first shaggy snowflakes. In winter, activity of pike was evident in the grayish days with mild weather and short-lived snowfalls. With all this, more favourable little West or North-West wind and a steady pressure of 750 mm 740 p. C.. In the cold and clear days pike are also biting, but slightly worse. Specifically, it is clear that the atmospheric pressure, specifically a variation of it, affects the activity of all fish due to the fact that on the border of water and ice membrane appears in the form of an icy crust. In small ponds, with the ponds, where the depth does not exceed 2-3 meters in 1st days of ice pike holding areas where summer had manifested an active aquarticles. There, in the middle have not otgnivshie aquatic plants, it preys on preposterous detail. But as the extinction of aquatic plants, pike relocating closer to open areas and the freshest of the jet. If the reservoir is insignificant, toothy go down pridemovie the hole and hibernate. 15 days after the establishment of ice fishing for pike in small ponds becomes unattractive oxygen starvation pike falls into a stupor. But the huge rivers and reservoirs – on the contrary, the activity markedly increases, as these waters for 2 weeks, the predator is being adapted to changed conditions. If the 1st ice is transparent, in the beginning of the freezing pond the pike is rammed in the deepest places of ponds, and not how it is powered. But for a small period of time, a predator, accustomed to the steady complete silence in the underwater Kingdom, is beginning to emerge from the asylum and slowly feed in the riparian zones. In the black time of day the predator does not hunt! His night fishing is futile. Spotted beauty is more like the river with little current, lakes, ponds. Tolerates acidic environment, even at pH=4,65. But while reducing the level of oxygen to 3mg/l, pike hard to breathe. Pike swallows the prey from the head. If the seizure happened across it before swallowing it quick movement turns the prey’s head down his throat. To track the victim’s pike uses the lateral line and vision. The lateral line is pike well developed area of the mandible. The predator change the teeth on the lower jaw. They grow from her «families» — the old Fang is adjacent 3 to 4 new teeth. When the working tooth varies, in its place becomes the text over time in the form tightly to the lower part of the jaw. Teeth in different «families» pike are changing at once: in the lower jaw it is possible to find families with dissolves old tooth work, to the fragile young. But there are times that the replacement of teeth takes place to a greater extent intensely, and then pike does not take large prey. When reaching a size of 5 cm pike prefers to use in food of fry of other fish species. With all of this, pike refers to a cannibal, eating that is similar for myself, the more little pike. Especially sharply pronounced cannibalism of the pike floodplain waters, lost connection with the river. Their actually missing the fry of other fish, and pike completely switches just like himself. In these ponds can successfully work the lure, in the form of small pike. This, of course, not all features of the life of the spotted predator. But even applying in the practice of catching these techniques, You very well can be guided in the selection and the time and place of fishing. Then no matter what the fishing will bring You lots of pleasure from the output of this worthy and strong opponent.

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