Perfect bait DEPS

On the trading floors there are new lures and poppers DEPS satisfy the different requirements of the fishermen to stay with a great catch in any weather and in different places of fishing.

Wobbler Buzzjet

Wobbler Buzzjet the latest development in the field of surface lure that has a rare properties. It is created with the utmost characteristics to lure large predators. Not a hindrance fishing in windy weather with strong ripples or waves on the water with the lure Bumpee sound – a sound waves frequency. This bait is just a storehouse of unique properties designed for fast search and attract the attention of the greatest number of predators. On the back is attached to the propeller, creating splashes and movements of water. Very subtly and harmoniously balanced weight lets you make accurate long casts. This Wobbler Buzzjet perfect and unique, so necessary for every angler to quickly catching a noble predator.

Wobbler Korrigan-MR

Wobbler Korrigan-MR belongs to the class crank. This lure has a geometrically-perfect body and perfect balancing, why she has a good flight performance and uniform playing in the water. In the transactions it produces a uniform high-frequency movement, and stops rising to the surface of the water. His body-built-in camera noise attracts the attention of predators from great distances. The bait well caught perch and Chub.

Pulse Cod Popper

In a series of Pulse Cod Popper was replenished on another excellent model Pulse Rattle In Cod, designed for fishing near the surface of the water rolling of a predator. Bait copes with the function of begging fish from water flora and depths of the reservoir, facilitating fishing a different bait. It is equipped with an advanced system for creating vibration in the water quickly attracts the attention of predators, coupled with the aggressive transaction. Enough to make a weak jerks to get loud gurgling sounds. Every beginner fisherman will be satisfied with this Popper. Casting lures captivates with its precision and a distant flight.

Model Pulse Cod popper belongs to the class. Its distinguishing feature can be called large size of the nasal notch, which ensures the creation of a strong effect of sound on smaller spurts. This lure is equipped with an advanced system of balance, so may take a while to make a vertical movement, attracting the attention of fish with small stretches of open water among algae. Use this bait for catching active and cautious fish on warm summer days. The lure has a quality hook, so it is ideal to fish pike, perch and ASP.

The Popper is made in Japan and has no other analogues. Its unique and perfect system of internal vibration is registered and contains a weighted spring to the beginning of the body. It promotes the formation of loud noises and quick attracting predatory fish. Vivid and varied colors attract the attention of predatory fish, causing them appetite.

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