Perch. Secrets of fishing

Perch is one of the more common representatives of the species of carnivorous fish of the perch family. But, despite its ubiquity and easy availability, fishing for striped can bring a lot of pleasure, and from time to time – and a significant portion of adrenaline. As in at least some fish, the perch has its secrets.

1.Main, and therefore made under paragraph one, the secret will be unchanged active search, which involves a constant movement in the water to identify the active fish. Each angler must keep in mind that if the place found is perch – he will certainly bite. According to this, if after a few casts tackle of bites are not detected– it’s time to change the place! The more you search – the more alive you will find fish.

2.For example, You found a perch in the grass. Began successfully to draw out striped the 1st after the other, and then, in one moment, the bite ends abruptly. What is the reason? There is a worldview that, because of their own outstanding lyubopitnost the fish following the bait, catch , fisherman. And myself, takes longer. Means, it is necessary not to let him catch up. For example, not to bring the bait to the boat at 5-7 meters

3.Very well, you can catch perch on the cart using mono fishing line only on the most demanding representative of the perch family.

4. In dense thickets of grass can be extremely helpful a little jig. In places where trolling is not always possible to successfully throw a jig you can make effective the transactions nozzles one after the other, without fear of snags.

5. Favorite perches wiring is podergivani. Perch on this attractive transaction reacts significantly more active than on a uniform level. Yourself jerking – very ordinary, with the rod tip, 20 cm and moderately intense. After jerking — seconds 3-4 uniform wiring, the tempo is moderate.

6. The color of the bait in General, you can argue to exhaustion: many people think, color does not really matter. Basically, the bait should be just visible, even blatant, if some unique colors.

7. If you catch the bait Wobbler – also don’t forget about the twitching!

8. Back to the PT. second – on suspenders perch to the boat. Another of the most effective methods of dealing with this peculiarity of the bass is to provide the place of fishing for half an hour to relax! Very often, after such a long break, fish activity begins again with renewed vigor.

9. You must keep in mind that the behaviour of perch in the rivers is very different from that in lakes and ponds. If at first he in the main lead a sedentary life, leaving place only for short-term hunting, in small closed water bodies can be monitored permanent migration.

10. In hot weather the bass are not large loves is in the shade of coastal vegetation. And in bass like the various shelters. But, unlike pike, in a «rack» bass is likely to be sluggish and inactive. You can catch it, but the chances will be more of a spinner than spinners.

11. Perch are not very attracted to the muddy bottom and swampy areas overgrown with aquatic plants. No, of course, and in thickets of aquatic plants perch a lot, but the biggest concentration is specifically in the side closer to the fresh and pure water.

12. More zealously perch responds to high-frequency hydrocarbone bait. With this, specifically the spinning spoons and wobblers, which are characterized by this particular band of noise, is a favorite food of bass. And kolebletsja the spinners to the inherent fluctuations in the ultra low frequencies, hence is not very high their efficiency relative to benthic species.

13. Small ponds big bass will be about the swarms of fry. And, of course, always a minimum of 50 pieces. The main thing in this situation is to find a flock of young fish at both ends which will host the major. But keep in mind that not necessarily it with the first cast pounce on Your lure or lure.

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