Perch fishing

To catch a lot of fish here is not necessarily to be a very skilled fisherman. Enough to know the rates, which has a rich fish fauna to have in your Arsenal a simple rod and not to forget to buy fresh bread for bait. That says it all. But to catch exactly the fish, which you deliberately hunt is an art. Today we go on a fishing perches. Why perch? Always have to start with the most simple, but bass are just the plain fish. What I’m saying? Let me explain…

It is always easier to catch the fish in the pond the most. No matter, bite or not, even if we ask mathematicians, they will tell you that the theory of probability has not been canceled. The perch is a gregarious fish, and it survives almost anywhere there is water. Run perch in a puddle, and the next day there they would flock. In addition, the perch is omnivorous, it feeds on practically anything that you will find, however, their predatory habits, he never forgets. Drive fry or to profit wounded fish (often perch too) – favorite activity «whale».

By the way, about the names. Nicknames the bass myriad. The «pinstripes», «Sailor», «Vest», «Zebra» — not only as the hero of our today’s conversation. And all because of the striped coloration, which identifies perch among the entire mass of fish fauna.

Dimensions perch reach a small (though it is with what to compare). Maximum «growth» of a perch of about 30-35 inches, weight about a kilogram. But what separates bass from other fish taste. Many fishermen will tell you, the best ear with bass. Clean bass is a pleasure, too little bones inside, even the most sophisticated gourmet will be satisfied. And how good perches burgers…

All, I will not cause my favorite reader’s appetite, navigate directly to the pond. So, today we catch only perch. Whale – fish gregarious, so if you caught one, throw in the same place, and probably friends of his catch. Bass loves to walk in the Bush, snags, prefers depth is small, in General, the habitat of the bass is determined by the places where fry walks are there any animals. Catching perch can be different methods, but personally, I prefer spinning with various lures. Of course, fans of the float can argue with me and still are to some extent right – the worm bass loves. But, you see, it is easier to catch fish by trolling or valleron that don’t need to change or perenashivanie. Took the fish off the hook and another rebuke. And the chances of catching it bass all carp or roach on a metal or silicone bait will not lead. Again, the accuracy of the cast is very important, it is important to determine where is the flock perch, and that is to send tackle. Before fishing can be a little to lure potential location of the perch. For this purpose, any suitable bait. Ranging from baked goods, cereals to food purchased in the store. So your chances will increase even more. Do not think that the bass is coming from. As with any fish, perch need to wait a bit… or find it yourself, moving around the pond in a boat. My personal experience has shown that the best bass bite on small vertosick, silicone tips in bright colors and spinners metal shade. In any case, you have to try a lot of attachments, to determine which of them noticed the bass in your pond. The technique also does not really matter. On the bottom I have equally successfully pecked as a simple transaction and «step» (the technique of bait when it first slightly lift up, and then allowed to sink to the bottom, stopping the winding of the fishing line). Again, the important thing is to find a pack, and then your catch can number in the hundreds.

When you take the perch off the hook, remember that his dorsal fin is very sharp, can easily pierce a finger. Try to take the fish with your thumb on one side and other fingers on the other hand, in the area of the gills. Do not count on large specimens, they are very rare. The main size of bass are slightly smaller hands. It was during this period of life she is «hungry» and catches almost everything that she presented to the fishermen. Bass without water will not last long, so try to keep it in the garden, or as soon as caught.

When float fishing for perch the chance to catch it less. This is due to the predatory nature of fish. She does not like a stationary bait, except that the worm can attract the attention of, well, or very tasty dough. Yes, other fish will not give perches to navigate and get you on the hook first. The perch is biting pretty active, he doesn’t take kindly to the bait, trying at once to swallow it. Hence the demeanor of the float – a few weak jerks and the float under water. About perch fishing nets or, God forbid, dynamite, I will not tell. Such methods us fans to get pleasure from fishing, and others.

What can be made of bass? This, besides the already mentioned soup, great burgers. You ask me how can be separated from the fillet of the perch, if it is small in size? I’ll tell you. Bones the bass are not thick, and certainly not strong. With good cooking and careful distortion can not be afraid to get in the gum barb, so besides the spine and edges of the perch and remove then nothing more. A good perch in a salad, it’s very easy to bake in foil directly on the coals, pre-stuffed with all that’s at hand. The perch is perfectly suited for frying and canned food. Based on tomatoes and bell pepper craftsmen have learned to make a great snack that is not inferior to the famous «Sprats in tomato sauce». Not very happy fishermen perch used for Smoking or roach. The reasons for this are unknown to me, let me just say that none of my summer is not complete without a delicious smoked in cherry sawdust perch. Yes, and «roach in a shirt» in the attic going to a lot. The main thing is a fantasy, I perch on your kitchen table. Good luck in the hunt for a striped predator!

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