Perch fishing on ultralight

Perch fishing on microgy with spinning class ultralight (Ultra Light — very light) with the test from 0 to 7 grams, is today one of the most popular types of fishing around the world. The beauty of it is that lightweight and thin rope gives you incredible sensitivity – any bite, even the most careful, immediately transferred in the form of the rod, and the thrill of hooking and playing fish, even a small instance will give a lot of impressions even the most experienced angler.

Catch bass in any pond, subject to the availability of there fish. Bass day predator, so begins the hunt with the first rays of the sun. The best time is traditionally considered to be the morning bite, which lasts from 5-8 am to 10-12 PM, followed by lunch, 15-16 hours biting starts again. In late autumn you can fish all day, until nightfall. Also perch is a schooling fish and collectively pursue fry. Hunting perch can be visually identified by the splashes of jumping out of the water the fry and Calcagno typical is the so – called perches boiler. It is there, but rather a couple of meters behind the boiler, you need to throw a lure to effectively to offer her the object of fishing. The most effective lures are spinners small size from 00 to 2 rooms, silicone baits – twisters and vibrohvost, from 2.5 cm to 5 cm, small perches lures that mimic bait, type of shed or crank, minnow. Effective also not large vibrating lures.

In that case, if the surface water is not visually evident, actively walking bass, need to find it. In the summer, especially in July heat, perch selects the Parking dense aquatic vegetation that serves as shelter from the heat. There, under the shade of seaweed, a flock of perch hunting down unwary prey. If you are able to find a Parking place, you can thoroughly decimate the number of groupers in the pack. Active bass without a trace of fear or doubt is thrown on any of the proposed him the bait. The derivation can be seen as following are a few of the fellows who are trying to wrest from «lucky» his prey. Posting uniform with a pause – active perch are not picky. You can also find perch on the bed. Some anglers allocate channel bass, he’s a humpback, in a separate subspecies, some believe that this is the same bass, only reached maturity and large size. Run-of-river perch in a pack does not go – it hunts alone or in small groups, attacking from the bottom relief shelters. To catch a channel bass is most suitable classic step with a small patikami and twitching of the rod tip. This bass likes sandy, rocky or covered with limestone bottom with relief drops – exiting pits in the shallow waters.

There are days on the water, when bass are not active. He stands, idly watching all the views that you offer him. In this case, the only method of capture is the use of so-called edible rubber – silicone baits impregnated with the attractant, which gives the bait a scent and taste. Lazy, slow play bait with long pauses is the key to success in the capture of a passive bass. Bite happen if you pause in one or a few minutes.

The best conditions for perch fishing is stable weather, a small wind 3-5 m/s, preferably South or West direction. On a windless day perch bite reluctantly. Also don’t like perches differential pressure and change of weather. You may notice that in cloudy weather, the perch bite starts at the exit of the sun from behind the clouds.

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