Perch fishing on the first ice

As soon as autumn ends, and winter begins to come into its own, all true fishermen are beginning to prepare of the winter fishing rods and to pack their boxes ready to meet the first winter ice.

What does it mean for fisherman first ice

At this time, the fish is very active and can easily catch not only at depth, but near the shore on the rocks. Now we will talk about ways of catching such fish as bass. In this time period, groupers are extremely active, so fishing becomes very interesting.

Where will you find bass

The first winter he’s everywhere. In lakes it can be found in reed beds, snags and thickets, that is where he lived during the summer. It is possible to catch as artificial and natural and live bait. Perfect butterflies, or in the extreme case of maggots.

If you are going to use a jig in this case you need to take specifically the suitable size. Since large perch often burn large spinners, so should stay on the small or medium. Catching perch on the first ice, if you use bloodworms with a jig, to move the rod should be very actively, sharply, as if playing. Bass is still a predator, and you need to play on his instincts. Just standing there his goal is unlikely to be interested.

The main thing to remember is that do not need long to catch in one place. After several attempts you need to change a jig, and then change the position. Sometimes, it is necessary to drill 20-30 holes before will be able to find perch. Don’t forget, this fish is found in flocks. So finding fish in this place you can catch a dozen perch. If you catch a few fish, you see the fish stop biting, you need to drill a number of more a few holes. Sometimes a flock of perch moves slightly to the side, so you need as quickly as possible to find her.

But you can catch and lure. The most effective way is to lower the lure to the bottom, and then abruptly jerking to get her to move. Spinner suddenly rises from the bottom, scattering in all directions Il, thereby causing the bass to attack.

Also the perch is well caught on the balancer. Fishing is carried out in the same way, but after climbing from the bottom, the balancer is cyclical and goes in the direction that provokes the fish. However, the catch in areas of large shrubs or accumulated snags and other is not recommended, as the balancer can easily catch hold of anything.

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