Perch fishing on the Donk

Fishing for perch on a Donk is less common than angling, but nevertheless popular. As a material for spinning is suitable juniper, which, in comparison with other types of trees, even in dry condition very well bent. The optimal length of a spinning 1 – 1.5 meters. Fishing line should be strong, as is the bass can get bigger fish. The fishing line is wound on hooks. The lower hook can be attached to the dirty pole at a distance of 20 cm from the butt, and the upper 30 cm above. As sinkers take a piece of lead weighing up to 40 m and are tied on a short leash to the line. With this mount the bait is in the water and see better. Single hook-average size is tied on a leash to the main line. The bait serves as the common earth worm or small fish. The bait is pushed over the upper lip (the sting is put through the nostril). In the fast current safer to cling to the hook by two lips or to get the tip through the mouth and release under the gills. As practice shows, the best nozzle is char. Char bass always grabs the head, and this little fish is the most tenacious, as because of its slipperiness and resourcefulness, while cutting usdelivery on a leash and slips out of the mouth of a perch. Other fry perch often grabs the tail and rips off the hook. To prevent this from happening, a little above the first hook attached another one that clings to the tail of a fish. Cutting is done after the fact as the fish will pull the entire free line (usually the stock does not exceed half a meter).

Right to throw the ground rod is quite difficult, especially if the sinker is not very heavy. Before fishing, it is recommended to practice casting, and then proceed to the fishing. The line you need to throw so that it all went to the intended place of fishing and not caught on a nearby donkey and not caught on the dirty pole.

There are several ways of casting a fishing line. But the most popular three ways: in the right hand lays the bait, sinker and part of the side of the ring rope and is shot; the left hand does the dirty pole and on one of the fingers wears rings fishing line. In his right hand is a sinker and bait. A strong flick of the wrist, sinker and bait are in the river, feeding in parallel with the left hand spinning and releasing line. Once the load reaches the bottom, tighten the line to itself and spinning is fixed on the shore. When fishing from boats, fishing line from the dirty pole collect rings on the knees. The right (left) hand just above the sinkers, take the fishing line and waving a few times, throw. With this method of casting is quite often a bait caught on the lip takes off. To avoid this, you need space, not spinning, to throw away the bait and sinker (you need good physical strength and agility).

When fishing on the Donk very often perch himself strike, and as soon as there is potica should immediately pull out of gear.

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