Perch fishing on the balancer in the winter. Features and secrets.

perch fishing on the balancer

One of the most efficient artificial lures – balancer. Perfect for winter vertical blesneniya. Different shapes and sizes allow you to successfully apply balance weights for fishing for predatory fish who lead an active lifestyle. So the perch fishing on the balancer in the winter – a great way to go fishing on this small but active and massively widespread predator.

What is a balancer

According to the principle of the balancer is a lot like trolling. It is often called a variety of lures for vertical fishing. But the number of structural features that are substantially different balance weights from the other baits and make them more efficient:

  • In appearance, the balance weights as similar as possible with small fish, making them more attractive to predators.
  • Ring, through which the balancer is attached to fishing line, located at the top of the lure on the back. This mount allows balancer to be in the water column in a horizontal position, natural for this fish.
  • The balancer has tail feathers that, together with the horizontal position provides movement of the lure is natural.
  • Standard balancer has three hooks, which increases the probability of a successful bite. The bottom is movably fastened to a triple (at least double) hook, and front and rear — welded single.
  • Different colors (from natural to acid colors) and the sizes allow to pick up the bait for fish of all sizes.

Choice perches balancer

The choice of a stabilizer for perch is based on studying the habits of the predator. This takes into account his food habits, size of fish, activity. The choice also affects the period of fishing and especially the pond.

General characteristics of the balance weight for catching of a perch:

1. The weight and size. Perch does not apply to large fish – the bulk of the bites are the fish from 100 to 400 grams. The usual dimensions of the lure – 2-5 cm and a weight of 3-8 grams. But here we should take into account the size of the predator in the pond. If there are perch-Humpbacks, whose weight often exceeds 1 kg, it is reasonable to use the larger balancers. For small Ososkov, and with a weak bite, it is better to show a miniature of the lure.

2. Form. The form determines the behaviour of the lure in the water. There are two main types:

  • Doing a somersault. Have a longer and heavier head portion, for that during a game turn (somersault). Well suited for shallow waters and areas with little space for play – snags, thickets of grass, rubble stones.
  • Make a u-turn. Have a balanced center of gravity. In water describe a wide figure eight. Completing the loop back to the starting point. Used for fishing at depth.

3. Painting. To say with certainty what the color of the balance weight for catching of a perch is the most efficient, is impossible. Much depends on fish activity, weather conditions, time and fishing place.

Classic is considered a natural silvery coloring that imitates a whitebait. It is most relevant for the winter period, when fish are most of the time not very active. Will also fit the looks of perch – the predator often preys on fry of their own species.

During periods of good catches applicable bright acid colors. Also well-proven rocker white with a bright red head.

Perch fishing on the balancer in the winter involves the possession of several models of lures, differing in shape, colour or size. Even in a familiar pond fish can behave differently depending on the weather and other factors.

Improvement balancer

Any purchase the balancer can be made more efficient in the home using simple techniques:

1) on the line above the balancer moving to put the jig – additional traffic will increase the chances of attracting the attention of the predator;

2) triple hook, which is usually enough for fish, decorated with kembrikom, hairs or beads of bright colors (usually red). Also suitable for painted foam balls;

3) in the rear on a hook hung an additional tee is very small in size, decorated with hairs.

Features choice of bait

When buying a balancer is important to carefully inspect the bait, to avoid unpleasant moments on fishing:

• Dangling the bait needs to maintain a horizontal position deviation of 10 degrees. The exception is the model from the beginning of the displaced center of gravity.

• All hooks sharp and high quality. Front and rear definitely placed with the tip upwards. Exception – bait for fishing on a small depth. During the game they often fight on the ice from the bottom, so the hooks not to dull, deployed a stinger down.

• Loop to which fishing line is attached should be smooth, without snags and hangnails. Otherwise the fishing line will quickly ground, which will lead to loss of bait and prey.

• Tail blades should not have bias or be installed crooked, or the game of bait will be unpredictable, and the movement only scare off bass.

Tackle box

winter rod with balancer

Tackle for catching perch on the balancer in the winter does not have special requirements, given the small size of the fish:

  1. Celkovou fishing rod for winter fishing with a whip in 30-35 cm length and the maximum or average rigidity. A soft rod will not be able to provide a quality game lure, softening the sharp swings.
  2. Nod soft, about 5 cm in length.
  3. Any coil, convenient for fishing. The modern market offers a large selection of inertial and spinning reels, so it is not difficult to choose the most appropriate.
  4. The thinnest fishing line depends on the size of the fish. Usually use monofilament fishing line diameter 0.10 to 0.18 mm

The search for perch under the ice

Despite the fact that bass are quite active throughout the winter, you can find it under the ice is problematic. To prepare for possible long journeys and drilling large number of holes.

• In early winter bass are best as perch keeps the spring activity within 3 weeks after the ice formation. You can find him almost across the reservoir, including shallow water. It is often found near thickets of riparian vegetation.

• When the temperature decreases, the fish moved to deeper layers. During the period of gluhozime bass become more lethargic, poorly responds to the bait. Adheres to deep pits, whirlpools, underwater beds of streams and rivers.

• The end of winter – beginning of spring marked increase in the activity of the fry, which attracts bass. He begins to prepare for spawning and abundantly fed. Moved after the flocks of small fish in shallow water, the confluence of melt water at the mouths of streams that feed the pond.

If you are not very strong frosts perch like to hunt, rising to the top of the eyebrows. Prefers sites with hard bottom rocky or clayey. Find bass are near the snags and stones.

By choosing the right place, you should drill at least ten holes. To sh should be in sequential order starting with the first. The distance between the holes should not be less than 5 meters.

Tactics game — fishing for perch on the balancer

perch fishing on the balancer to vzimku

Balancer – baitless lure, so the angler must lead the effort to attract fish. Perch fishing on the balancer in the winter will be successful if correctly master the techniques of playing bait.

Each fisherman has his own special moves for game gear, but there are several common options:

1. Bait is placed on the bottom. After refers to 3-4 cm and should sway up to 30 cm Then the hand with the rod should fall exactly at the source position. When lowering gear and the balancer slides down, attracting fish. After a pause, sway, repeat. Usually for fishing holes rather 20-30 swings. If poklevok no – go to next hole.

2. Bait stops 20 cm from the soil. Further rise is 1 meter, pause and slow down. During descent, be rocking from side to side. Perch responds to the movement of the tee. The technique is applicable during the period of gluhozime in low activity of the predator.

3. The balancer is lowered to the bottom and made a few taps on the ground. Then follows a rise of 10-15 cm and a sharp stroke of 35-40 cm After gear returns to its original position.

4. In late winter, apply the following tactics. Balancer a sharp wave rises to 20-25 cm, then pause 5-7 seconds, and the next pull. Thus, the bait rises to the surface, causing active during this period bass to rush in pursuit. Lower the bait to smoothly, making smooth swings and fluctuations.

Variants of the game saw a great many. Depending on the activity of the predator may change the duration of pauses, frequency and height of strokes, number of cycles. You can also combine different playing techniques, choosing the most efficient.

For example, during gluhozime perch to attract the constant jerks and vibrations of the balance bar.

An important place to pause. Often during them is even more. However, their length depends directly on the activity of bass – the smaller the fish, the longer you need to pause.


perch fishing vzimku

Try to attract to the place of perch using bait. Usually apply the following options:

1. Does glass jar in which the water is dialed and runs fry. Then she closes the lid and sinks to the bottom thick line. Bass sees through the transparent walls of the moving bait and swims towards his prey.

2. Well to bass in the smell of blood. You can take the fresh blood of cattle, mix it with breadcrumbs and freeze, divide into portions. After tossing the pieces into the hole during fishing.

In another embodiment, is taken rubber medical glove filled with blood and tied. Further, it is necessary to have a pierced and dipped in water on the cord or fishing line. Blood, gradually sochas of gloves distributed in the water, forming a fragrant trail.

Useful tips for perch fishing in the winter:

• For cloudy weather and fishing at the depth it is better to take brightly coloured rocker, for Sunny days and shallow water – more muted and natural tones.

• It is possible to fasten the balancer to line it with a small carabiner that will save time when changing lures while fishing.

• When fishing for large or deep you should use a heavier bait. In the first case, they will not endure the flow of water, the second large weight will allow the bait quickly down to the required depth, without moving far away from the vertical.

• When installing the balancer large size bite small fish are virtually eliminated. This is true when hunting for trophy specimens.

• Soft tail rocker gives it a more natural movement.

• When fishing in deep triple hook balancer can be equipped with a luminous droplet.

The use of the balancer allows to achieve good results for ice fishing, but you need to study the habits of the predator and thoroughly master the possession tackle. No need to be afraid of failed attempts – only in the process of catching it is possible to acquire the necessary experience. Perch fishing on the balancer in the winter is a good way for enthusiasts of winter fishing, allowing you to catch a trophy «Humpbacks».

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