Perch fishing on spinning

To perch fishing was the most successful you must choose the right tackle. Usually use a spinning length of about two meters with a very sensitive tip. To buy an expensive spinning for perch do not have enough will to by hollow spinning of carbon fiber. Fishing line is best to use import with a diameter of 0.3 mm.

The coil can be both open and closed type most importantly it needs to be instantaneous. For perch there are so many options of artificial lures such as Poppers or «Spinners», but the most successful is considered the rotating spinner Mepps has in its design a six-inch petals. In that case, if in a reservoir, where it is planned to catch perch a lot, you can use smaller diameter line and lighter lures. Excellent in this respect have proven to spinners with dark stripes on a copper surface and a small red tassels. Well as artificial bait you can use a rubber or plastic fish.

Great starts to the perch caught on spinning in mid to late autumn. Especially the increased activity on cloudy days with intermittent and not heavy rains. A place for fishing it is better to choose on the leeward coast, as that side will be easier to execute a throw. Perch to a greater extent attacking the bait far from shore, however, is that his attacks happen near the shore. To throw the bait should as far as possible from the shore. After casting the bait, it is important to provide the correct game it is better to use the step transaction. By casting the lure slightly dip, then a smooth short pull, a few turns of the coil and again a short pause. If the surface of the pond splashes are seen fry — it means that somewhere nearby there is a perch. Therefore, it is necessary to execute throws in the surge or in the immediate vicinity. Catching perch can be near dams and various structures that go under the water.

Perch bite is to feel difficult, but still possible. When biting of a large perch at the hands of the angler passed a weak strike, then the rod starts to pull towards the bottom. But such bites are rare, most often perches bite similar to a short hook. After a take hooking is not just need to wait a bit to thoroughly perch took the bait, and only then to perform the cutting. During biting, it is important to make sure the fish has got the bait in driftwood, reeds, snags, because from there bring it will be almost impossible and most often it ends in a cliff line and losing the lure. Perch in the pond goes in large flocks and therefore, after the arrest of one, is how to sh in this site is accurate casts.


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