Perch fishing on spinning in the fall

When the perch fishing on spinning in the fall is deliberately, often it happens that he does not take even the most proven baits, although the pond is well studied, and habitat the striped predator has long been known. Reasons why not bite the bass might be too high pressure, the wind from the East, not right temperature etc. But with all this there is a good chance to catch the spinning red handsome – just need to know some tricks for his arrest.


The majority of anglers anglers are inclined to believe that your favorite artificial bait for redfish is Twister. Sometimes happens that on the other bait the perch better, but it all depends on the characteristics of the reservoir and the preferences of the fish species living in it. Autumn perch is showing the lowest activity everywhere and the Twister as a universal bait that is perfectly suited for this period.

As for the size of the Twister, according to the observations, the optimal length may vary from two and a half to five inches. In this case, absolutely not important, what is important is that the tail Twister hesitated when posting at any speed. Sometimes the bait does not work when a slow retrieve, in this case, lightly cut the silicone at the base of the tail.

Color Twister is always concerned with the fishermen and caused a lot of controversy. However, as the perch fishing on spinning in the fall, in different places «striped bandit» prefer a different color bait, so it makes no sense to delve into this topic.

Fishing line.

If you know that in addition to perch can bite any other predator, it is safe to put ordinary fishing line diameter from 0.16 mm to 0.6 mm or «basket» of 0.05 – 0.1.

The rod and reel.

Rod for perch it is better to take light or ultralight and a length of 2.1 to 2.7 meters. The ideal option would be plug-in «stick», but it’s perfect and «telescope». The coil need to be matched to the rod and to match the line.

Search perch in the fall, you should start with places where the depth has a sharp drop in pools, in cluttered areas, as well as along the coastal aquatic vegetation. In Sunny and windless days occasionally perch out in the shallows and chasing the whitebait that a fan catches him on the surface of the water.

The key to any successful perch fishing spinning reel is the correct wiring bait. At a bad biting perch has proven to be a very slow posting at the bottom. I need to get to the depth of the bait and to wait until it hits bottom, then dipped the tip of the spinning reel and begin your retrieve. Make sure that the jig did not travel through the surface of the bottom. Posting in spurts with long pauses also gives a good result.

Generally speaking, do not be afraid to experiment, and the catch will be provided.

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