Perch fishing on Popper

Bass is never indifferent to such bait like a Popper, especially if he hunts a pack. Not rarely it can «start» and the lonely, even the most passive of fish species due to noise, which is published when you post.

If you are interested in catching a «whale» in Popper, the first question you might encounter is how to choose catchability bait? That’s what we’ll discuss.


Experienced anglers are often faced with this situation, when the size of fish caught is much higher than the size of the bait. All due to the fact that this fish is very voracious, and its mouth allows it to swallow very large items (sometimes perch feeds on small shells, but this happens usually during periods of fasting). So do not be afraid to choose the dimensions of the Popper. This way you will avoid hooking smaller individuals. Why is he so interested in predator? The game itself is very reminiscent of bait fish feeding on the surface of the water, but here the effect is triggered Pavlova (as the secretion of saliva from the dogs during the power-on light). Plus and sounds attract attention.

The game

Cast, jerk, pause, lift, jerk, pause, lift – here the main harness. But the main thing is to experiment, because the same externally of the lure when administered in water play in different ways. Besides fish there are times when biting is very active, very poorly. So, what to do pause, how fast to bait – it is the choice of fisherman.


Poppers are represented in fishing tackle shops, have a very a variety of colors – some yellow, others dark green with orange accents, and some even silver with light green stripes… What to choose? They definitely work, but choosing bait to be tailored to each pond separately (which fish is found, what is the bottom, the ratio, their level of competitiveness). Shades of blue and green – universal for perch. But eating was bought green Popper it does not mean that it will throw okoshki like mad. Fisherman you need to experiment and to have at least 5 baits with different color. Without this in any way.

The advantages of perch fishing on Popper:

1. The opportunity to sh in strongly overgrown places.

2. The number of bites much greater than when harvesting the pond «rubber» or lures.

3. Entertainment – angler sees the moment it bites, because the Popper is a surface lure.

4. The number of hooks and breaks a lot less, and it can not but rejoice angler.


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