Perch fishing on live bait and artificial bait

Certainly each of us happened at least once on a fishing trip and met with such fish as bass. Many believe that the bass is quite annoying fish picks the worm and it is difficult to identify. As well err on the perch because of its armored scales, which many times complicates its preparation. But actually, bass is one of the most delicious fish that lives in freshwater rivers! With some skill to clean the fish from scales is not difficult, it is enough to make shallow incisions on the body of the fish and remove the skin with scales, leaving only the skeleton and meat.

As for perch, it is necessary to consider that the perch is a predatory fish. Perch, and pike can be caught on live bait and trolling. When equipped with a live bait, do not have to use the steel line as when fishing for pike, so the perch has sharp incisors and front teeth. As bait you can use the verkhovka, perch, crucian carp and other fish fry. Live bait should cling to the back or upper lip. Depending on the method of mounting the bait on the hook should do cuttings in different ways. At the toe of the upper lip, you need to wait until the predator will deploy the prey and start to swallow. If you caught bait fish to the back, then hooking, it is desirable immediately after a take, as in most cases, bass attacking prey from below or from the side.

If to hunt on a perch with spinning, you should choose the right bait. Most bass prefer lures of silicone (twisters, vibrohvosta) and usually small in size. When fishing with soft lures do not have to use a jig head, as it will only interfere with the transaction. When using an offset or regular hook with a long shank bait will be much easier and can go in the middle the water column or on the surface. The use of conventional hook instead of a jig head as well due to the fact that silicone fish not only plays the tail, but also revolves around its own axis, which makes it even more attractive.

When fishing metal lure (turntables, spoons, lionfish, vertical spinners) must take into account the weight of the lure used. Breakages and loss of metal lures are far more common than loss of silicone twisters and vibrohvost. This is because when fishing, the angler does not take into account the weight of the bait and speed of the transaction. As perch fish of prey, it is natural to be in the shelter (driftwood, seaweed, bottom) for which clings to the spoon. Although metal lures are more robust against silicon, the efficiency they have slightly worse due to the high speed transaction.

About the hunt for perch in General, we can say that the bass is a schooling fish. Therefore, if you are lucky to catch one fish, don’t waste time and throw the bait again, and preferably in the same place and catch will not keep you waiting!


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