Perch fishing in winter trolling

Perch fishing on the bleshnya vzimku

Massively distributed bass is a great production for fans of winter fishing. Not only that, it is hardy and lives in almost any pond, and remains active throughout the year. Although the average size fish range from 100 to 300 grams, catching perch is a pleasure even to experienced fishermen. Even more exciting to get the striped predator using this bait as a jig.

Choice of perch fishing in the winter

Before you start to drill the hole should be to choose the right place. The best option is to ask local fishermen who will tell catchability place and talk about the features of the behavior of the perch in this pond. In another case, carefully study the habits of the striped predator in the winter.

1. The beginning of winter.

Like many other fish species, perch saves the active behavior during the first three weeks after the formation of ice. The behavior is virtually indistinguishable from the fall and remains active and biting.

Feeding sites:

  • piles of stones and trunks of trees;
  • zakorjazhennye sites;
  • the top of the eyebrows;
  • places with elevation;
  • areas near the coastal thickets of reeds.

2. In the middle of winter.

With increasing thickness of the ice cover and lowering of water temperature the amount of oxygen decreases and fish goes to deeper places and areas of current where the amount of dissolved oxygen. Special attention should be paid to the deep pits and sunken beds of streams and rivers, where there is not too fast for.

3. The end of winter.

With the approach of spring perch begins to prepare for spawning and begin active feeding. He moves after the flocks of young fish, so catching it should be near the mouths of streams, in places of injections of melt water and in shallow water.

Tackle for fishing

Under every kind of bait you need to choose the appropriate gear. When fishing for perch on mormyshka ice fishing success depends on the correct game of bait and tackle play a vital role. The basic rule – tackle for perch must be sensitive, otherwise the bite of a small fish you just can’t see it.

1. Rod.

A simple spinning for winter fishing, a length of 30-35 cm is Very convenient to use the «balalaika» – the finished rod equipped with a reel attached to the rod end. She kept fishing while fishing.

2. Nod.

Length small, about 5 cm you Can buy at a bait shop or make your own hands. The main thing to remember – it needs to match the weight of the lure and not to bend under its weight more than 30-35 degrees. Better stock up on a few nods in the process of fishing often need to use baits of different size and mass.

3. Coil.

Absolute any requirements there. But it is better to use a simple little reel to facilitate a tackle. In the case of «balalaika» is already installed, and fishermen often prefer a simple motoviltse for winding the fishing line.

4. Fishing line.

You must choose the most thin diameter to provide a high quality game light tackle. In addition, the perch in the winter becomes more careful and thick lines can be daunting. Sometimes the thickness of a scaffold understate to 0.06 mm, but better to take monofilament 0.10-0.12 mm in diameter. If the reservoir is found a perch weighing one kilogram, then you can use the line and 0.20 mm

Winter spinners for perch

Popular among anglers, the tackle is a small bait, which consists of body and soldered to it one or two hooks. The body is made of tin, lead or tungsten and has a different shape.

All the spinners are divided into two types:

• besttelki (baitless);

• with the transplant.

In the first case the fish is caught on an empty hook. Second – use the bait.

For experienced anglers who prefer active sports and fishing, suitable besttelki – one only chooses high-quality game bait. In any case, you need to have both types of lures winter bass rather capricious and guess it benefits difficult.

Characteristics of the lure

ViDi blessing

It is no secret that the bait should be selected based on the preferences of the fish, size, fishing conditions and other factors. Choosing a jig for catching perch in the winter, should be guided by the following parameters:

1. The weight of the bait depends on the depth of fishing. So, for fishing in shallow waters apply the smallest jigs with a weight of 0.1-0.15 grams. At greater depth (3-4 meters or more) the bait must weigh more than 0.3 gram to quickly sink to the bottom. One size the weight of the jigs may differ if they are made of different material.

Separation of metals used for the manufacture of jigs, unit weight from the least to the greatest:

1) tin;

2) lead;

3) tungsten.

2. The value of the spinner also depends on the size of the fish. For optimum bass size – 1-4 mm.

3. An important role plays the colour, but here opinions differ. This is due to the fact that the preferences of a predator can easily vary under different conditions:

• At great depths, where little light is better to use a jig colors copper and gold. If the depth of 9-10 meters, the color can be any perch captures only the movement of the lure in the water.

• In cloudy weather is better to take bright spinners, on a Sunny day, dim.

• The most productive baits are considered green, yellow and purple shades.

4. Basic models of jigs:

– «Damn»;

– «Blockhead»;

– «Bot»;

– «Cat’s eye»;

– «Pebble».


With the changing weather conditions during the winter may vary and tastes of the perch. In pergolide you can take almost any lure – bass actively bite, even on large lures with bait and without.

The decrease in activity of perch in gluhozime forces you to catch only the smallest jig.

Closer to spring, despite the increase in fishing activity, small baits are more efficient.

The advantages of jigs

Each rope has its own characteristics. The popularity of jigs remains high due to the following advantages:

1. The potential of the bait is very high and its efficiency affects only the ability of a fisherman to own a tackle.

2. Even on a small bait can catch big perch. Its size does not play a primary value.

3. The process of catching passes at direct participation of the fishermen, perfect for fans of sport fishing.


perch fishing on the bleshnya

To better attract fish often use spinners on which to plant the bait.

The best bait for perch on mormyshka ice:

• Motyl;

• maggot;

• a piece of fish meat with a fin, preferably of a perch;

• the red worm;

• larvae of dragonflies and caddis flies;

• eyes perch with an iris.

The last head is considered the best, but rarely used because few fisherman dare to pull out the eyes of live fish. Not to mention the fact that in the cold make it extremely difficult.


Very useful to feed holes to attract the attention of a predator. There are several tried and tested ways:

1. Takes a transparent glass jar, gaining water and starts living inside the fry. Then the Bank closes the lid and on the fishing line sinks to the bottom of the hole.

2. The easiest to pour into the water a pinch of bloodworms, dropping a jig behind him.

3. Perch are going well on the smell of blood. To lure it is very simple – in medical rubber glove filled with fresh blood of a bird or animal, then it made a puncture and the bait sinks to the bottom. Puncture of the blood is gradually emerging and propagating in the water that attracts bass.

4. Instead of bloodworms in the hole you can throw pieces of fish and cut into pieces of the worm.

Techniques for catching bass trolling in the winter

There are many variants of the game of the jig. Every experienced fisherman produced its own technique of fishing, and many easy to change the way transactions tackle directly in the process of catching, in response to the behavior of the fish.

Basic techniques of playing the following:

1. The jig touch the bottom, doing during the dive small fluctuations from side to side. After a short pause, raise her to 20 cm, while fluctuations and down again, stopping at the 3-5 cm level from the bottom. When repeat cycles should raise the lure higher – 10-15 cm each time. This game is called high frequency and helps to lure the fish, if it is far away from the point of fishing. Usually the bite happens during the pause.

2. Pre-measured depth of the hole. Further, the bait at a distance of 1 meter from the ground and gently lowered to the bottom. At this point, you need to lightly shake your rod. Next touch the bottom and a slight pause. Here we must be careful, as there can be bite. If not raise the jig a foot, and accelerating the oscillations again lowered. Thus produce 5-7 cycles.

3. In late winter, when bass are following schools of small fish, often rise to the surface, fly fishing begin at a distance of one meter from the level of the ice. After touching the soil of the jig knock on the ground, raising a murky cloud that resembles a perch swarming small fish in search of food. After 2-3 taps followed by a pause and several more shots. Next, the bait is slowly and gradually raise to 15 cm and lower. Repeat of cycles is carried out in 20-25 seconds.

The height and speed raise the bait, the frequency of cycles and the length of the pauses can be changed in the process. You should improvise and not be afraid of experiments for selection of optimal play tackle.

Advice from experienced anglers:

• When choosing the size of the spinners need to be guided by the rule: a weak nibble – small size, active, big.

• The more jigs you brought with you – the better. Perch in winter is quite picky, so guess the model will be difficult.

• Beginners it is better to use a bait – while the playing technique is not perfect, the bait will help to attract the fish.

• The problem of choosing the color of lure will help you to solve a set of colored markers you can quickly repaint directly into the pond.

• When hooking the hand, the thin fishing line breaks even when cutting large perch-«Gorbach».

• Overlay spinner for the clasp attached at its end, will help to quickly replace the lure in the cold.

• The efficiency of the spinner is easy to enhance with dressed hook-colored beads and kembrikom.

• To fishing was successful, you should do at least a dozen holes.

• Remove the prey easier if to catch the line with your hands. So perch can be precisely positioned in the hole hole, not giving him a chance to get off the hook.

• Hooks must be sharp – this will facilitate the cutting and protect against gatherings of fish.

If the first fishing lures were not very good, do not despair. This lure requires constant practice and subsequently this method of fishing can bring not only pleasure, but also a great catch.

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