Perch fishing in winter hell (noodle)

When winter fishing one of the most common ways of catching fish is fishing with a bulldozer or hell.

Bait «shit» can be made of a small piece of wood – birch, oak or ash. Very good to do such a bait mahogany, this bait can last longer.

The lure of «hell» usually consists of three parts, but these parts can do more, and seven, and five. For the production of «hell» we need to cut from the chosen tree rectangular billet size a little more than necessary. During the processing dimensions of the workpiece will decrease. Then you need to cut the blank into three parts and to process them with sandpaper. Then you should cook a lead weight. For perch in the winter on the hell of the rump should be selected very accurately.

Cast lead loads must be inserted into pre-drilled in the workpiece hole. Then carefully sanded down the weights to avoid contact with lead dust on the wooden part. Then you put all the parts into one. This interconnection can be done using a soft wire, if the fisherman does not intend to catch large fish. For catching big fish of the connection parts of the workpiece need to perform thoroughly. Then to the first, more pointy Lanka need to attach the tee.

After making «hell» you need to check this bait out on the water. If «hell» is not in depth, it means that this bait is too small or sharpening the first link wrong. Bait may not go in depth due to the fact that her body was very thin.

If the bait is in the water moves non-linear, then it is not done correctly, distribution of the load. Sometimes when a trial throw «hell» is a split level, which means the wrong choice of wood or sloppy machining.

Perch fishing in the winter on line can bring great pleasure while respecting the manufacture of such charms. Accurate execution of all parts of the manufacturer’s instructions «line» must necessarily result in quality baits. For as long as possible to use the lure, it is necessary for the first link of the billet to stick a metal plate, cut from a tin can. With such protection, the end of the first link is not so quickly tupitsja.

Experienced fishermen say that the fish ulovistost no jig can not be compared with «the devil». The most successful fishing in the bass line can be at the beginning or at the end of winter. However, not all fishermen can successfully catch perch on the devil. After the first failure such fishermen the gear and move on to the old.

Experienced fishermen know what to catch bass on the devil in winter is very difficult. Some fishers for more successful fishing for perch in the winter put on the tee just the white or red sleeve. But this technique can only be used when the confidence of the fisherman that the fish may take bait for non-edible.

First, of course, you need to try to use for bait bloodworms or larvae burdock moth. Even better to use for bait a few – two or three bright yellow or green beads, placed in front of the devil on the line. During the movement of the «hell» these beads attract fish to the bait.

Not all anglers know that to catch bass in winter on hell by means of light rods with exactly the working coil. Most importantly, this method of fishing for perch – right to move the bait. Fish shows interest in quite fast moving «trait» from the bottom to the surface of water, abrupt movements. And sometimes, on the contrary, the fish become interested with a slow shake of the fish in the water. Every fisherman with time and experience fishing like this is its more effective for him.

Often bite perch occur at the position of the Jack away from the bottom. The angler has not been fishing for perch in the winter, it is difficult to determine exactly how to catch perch on the devil near the bottom or closer to the surface of the water. Experienced fishermen to get the best result, try first to sh in all layers of the reservoir.

The perch is able to quickly determine what bait the devil is not edible, so she tries and tries to quickly move away to the side. Knowing the habits of these fish, it is necessary to do cutting with a barely noticeable hint of bite.

Perch fishing on the devil in winter most of all, of course, suitable for experienced anglers who promptly and quickly strike and vyvazhivaete fish, not weakening the line.


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