Perch fishing in the winter

The best time for perch fishing in the winter are considered the first few weeks after installation the ice. At this time the predator has to search around the pond, not moving, as before, and winters in a specific location.

The choice of the place of fishing.

With the arrival of winter, the bass starts to gather in large flocks and sent to spend the winter in deep holes.

Over the next few months, the fish will not leave them until the water begins to warm up. To detect such Parking is not easy. As a rule, they are most often under the steep Bank, in the place of flooded shrubs and trees, on the border of the submerged vegetation at the mouths of small rivers.

In large reservoirs, adult bass prefer to stay in the same places as in the summer months on the ridges of stone and snag holes. The smaller instances, most often in the fall hold on coastal vegetation to a depth of 2 m.

What is most effective perch fishing in winter trolling, jig, or noodle balance, a simple answer is impossible. Each of these methods has its pros and cons. Let’s consider them in more detail.

Perch fishing in winter trolling.

Baubles – a pretty «demanding» tackle. One awkward stroke of the rod, the predator immediately goes and doesn’t want to be caught. If you use spinners you need a very accurate posting. Despite all the difficulties in fishing for perch in the winter, this gear has the main advantage – speed. Line a large thickness allows you to pull out the fish faster and much bolder, and thanks to the considerable weight of the spinner, it quickly falls to its original position.

The correct choice of the jig depends on the success of all fishing. She has his movements and appearance to attract the attention of flocks perch. The choice depends on many factors. First, it is advisable to stay on the lures, which are used by local fishermen. Further, empirically it will be possible to determine the most effective type lures for a specific reservoir. For successful perch fishing in the winter will have to learn the proper «game» of bait. Most often the fish takes the lure in its care to the side or up. If floating in the water, the lure moves unnatural, perch did not dare grab her. Sweeps should be done quickly, but not very sharply, and immediately pull out their prey on the ice.

Perch fishing on mormyshka in the winter.

The main advantage of spinners, compared to a lure is not necessarily a clear «game». Winter perch will be caught on lures even in the practical absence of the transaction. First, it is lowered to the bottom, then slowly rise up to a height of 40 cm, and then again lowered to the bottom, and start over. Perch always eagerly grabs the caps. However, the effectiveness of perch fishing on mormyshka in the winter depends on a number of factors.

First, the correct choice of fishing. If the hole is drilled in a place where no fish will not help either one tackle.

Secondly, a proper combination of rod, line and jig. The rod in this case, any suitable (most often used conventional balalaika). The main thing that it was easy and convenient. Fishing line should be of a thickness of 0.08 to 1.2 mm. you Can certainly get thinner, but larger bass will definitely stop her. The jig it is desirable to use tungsten, because they are much heavier than normal and have better quality coating. The color and shape of the lure does not play a special role.

And thirdly, the correct tactics for catching bass in the winter. Drilling a hole, first of all, the fish need to feed, and then lower the jig. Holes is not more than 8-12 pieces at a distance of 4-6 m from each other. When lowering the jig to the bottom, be sure to make 3-4 taps, and only after that to start the game».

Perch fishing in the winter on the balancer.

Winter catching of a predator on the balancer ends positively 80% of the casts. The reason is that it is an active bait, and the fish are attracted to objects that move rapidly in different directions. However, when such excessive activity often perch bad podscasts. To avoid this, the angler should slightly reduce the speed of the «game» of rocker, the jerks make it more smooth, and the pauses between them longer. Balancer for perch in the winter should move smoothly and not just float in the water, scattering the already suspicious fish. When selecting gear, you need to remember that it needs to be balanced and most rigid. At different depths it is necessary to apply balance weights of different mass. Light bait suited for fishing in shallow water, in grass thickets. Heavy able to quickly located and, therefore, they are indispensable when fishing at great depths. To sh the hole saw should start at the edge of the hole, gradually sinking to the bottom. Here the most important thing is not to hurry and not to forget to perform a smooth pull.

Fishing for perch on wood in the winter.

Balda is the unique tackle that can be used in reservoirs of any type. This fishing technique is as follows. After the rig sank to the bottom, the line can be adjusted to the nod was tight, with a slight interference fit. Then the spinning abruptly swinging up, and after a brief pause, return it to its original position. Kept a small pause, allowing the hooks with the balls slowly sink to the bottom. After it’s all over. Fishing noodle almost always been very active, so without a catch fishing is unlikely to remain.

Bait for winter bass.

While perch fishing in the winter, avid fishermen often use bait to attract fish to the hole. It is best for this purpose is the usual bloodworm and bran, meal. To lower the bait to the bottom using special Prigorodniy. First to profit sail small fish, and behind them will come the bigger predator.

The most active and longest perch fishing in winter occurs in quiet, clear weather. In bad weather the predator is caught slightly, and in the presence of gusty North wind and not pay attention to the bait. It is also necessary to remember going winter fishing for bass, there’s no catch, you will not stay.

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