Perch fishing in the summer

Perches fishing is a very fascinating and attractive. It is very profitable, and the bite of bass is sure and if he suddenly breaks down, it is clearly the fault fisherwoman.

Perch are biting at all times, worse, right in the middle of winter. Bass are a voracious fish, which prefers the fatty, sweet, based on the time of year. Well he pecks the worm – water, dung, earth. Enough quickly. Takes on live bait – dipalma, minnows, maggots maggots, crayfish, rakushechki. To catch a normal instance, you need to take the leech, preferably red and small. It perfectly responds to bloodworms, worse on the larvae of the may beetle, dragonflies, grasshoppers. Makes sense, when fishing for perch to use and lure. In the absence of a nibble on a jig, bait stands, he playfully chases the spoon and gets. It is very important to determine where the perch like to step up, at what depth to start moving the spinner or jig? Optimal depth of movement of the spinner should be about ten inches above the bottom. If «ECOnetic» knows where a concentration of fish, feed them makes no sense. In summer it’s better to catch on the shell, the bass from her never refuses. For perch in the summer, use fishing line with a thickness of zero to thirty millimeters. Hooks are used with numbers five and six. Especially convenient hook with a long rod, motalny, preferably new for every season. If you know water conditions, you can predict what it can perch and pick the appropriate tackle. Methods of perch varied. Very common fishing rod with a float on lakes, ponds and rivers with a small current. You see, and float suddenly took, and he immediately drowned. As far as possible. If the wiring is missing the float, as though there was hook it over the bottom cut, this is also the bite of a perch. Floats, as a rule, can be cortical, pen. Very strong perch bite can be identified by the factory of the float. It needs to be immersed in water for two-thirds of its length. The float and head must match each other in weight. Sinker in the form of pellets, must be secured to the fifteen to thirty inches from the hook. There is another way of fishing bass – fly fishing in a plumb long rod. Is fishing from a boat. The float here is not applied, and the important role played by the tip of the rod. It needs to be very thin and therefore sensitive. In late may, the bass from the banks goes to their permanent place of standing. In the summer it gets in the river, on a small current, ledges and stones, behind which hides and rests. And large predators live in the deep places, in the reed beds. Perch in rivers prefer places near bridge piers, submerged trees and other obstructions to the flow of water. Perch are biting in the morning hours from seven to sunset. During the heat of the bite there. The fish hides in the shadow of the trees and river banks, in the grass (if you think – and here you can get it). Well, in cloudy weather, the bite lasts all day.

Success in perch fishing comes to those who has a strong character, the ability to sit in one place (of course okuniew). You need to show imagination fishermen, creativity. I wish you success.

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