Perch fishing in the spring on a jig

With the advent of spring the ice disappears from the ponds, the fishermen are heading to the rivers and lakes, fishing for perch. During this period, he becomes very active, small specimens of this species follow the coastline or border with aquatic vegetation in shallow water. Larger representatives are not far from them, but I prefer terrain with a medium depth (up to 2.5 meters). For effective fishing, the angler needs to do throw net fishing the so-called window, or not far from them.

As it often happen hooks, it is better to use this method of catching striped predator as «sailor», as if to say easier — fishing lures in open water.

When fishing spring perch on mormyshka it is necessary to extract the rod 2 meters in length equipped with a nod from the nipple (its length depends on the weight of the lure) or very sensitive tip. Select the line 0.15-0.2 mm in diameter 1-1.6 meters. This allows you to sh in the shallow places, and small grass window without any difficulties for fishing. When the fish are not very active, or biting is very weak (as so often happens in the spring), this method of fishing shows significantly better results than fishing with a float rod. If the process of fishing is from a boat, the rod should be much shorter (approximately 50-70 cm), or a favorite hobby can turn into drudgery.

If you catch perch in the Windows of vegetation, the jig should be kept at a distance of 40-60 cm from the bottom, so in such places the fish takes in half-waters. If fishing on open and free from algae sites, there to catch a predator needs at the bottom. The game use the same as when fishing from the ice: pause-jerking. When the fish took the bait, it is not necessary to try and «pull out» of water, better tighten the perch to the shore at the water, without weakening the tension fishing line. If the instance got a major — in order to get it in your bag — use the net.

Another feature of perch on the jig in open water: if the bait used fry, technique transactions need to be implemented very smoothly, without sudden movements, and most importantly quiet. In this case, will provoke perch bait, and not the nature of the reference gear. If you use bloodworms or chopped worm uses a standard winter nature of the transaction. Don’t forget, depends on your catch, so you should consider these recommendations.


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