Perch fishing in October

Each fish has their so-called life cycles, during which it is or increases, or reduce their activity. There are fish that are considered to be thermophilic, they are more active in the warmer months of the year. There are individuals who are considered the coldest. They are best to catch in the fall or in the spring. These include and perch. Perch fishing in October is considered one of the most exciting. At this time he is quite active, but find it is not so simple.

In the summer months this fish walks almost all over the lake. Respectively, and can be caught almost everywhere. But starting from October, the perch fishing will have to examine a fairly decent area of the reservoir. The most effective places are deep waters.

Perch fishing in October can also be quite good and in isolated ponds. It can be a career or flooded backwaters. Best of all, if deep Creek, connected with the river channel or Strait. Active perch bite in October month due to the fact that at this time he comes to a career, to spend the winter. Therefore, its abundance in these areas is greatly increased. These are experienced fishermen.

About the middle of October zhor perch constantly begins to grow. This happens until the freezing of the ice. Perch fishing in October of the same depends on the time of day. Usually catch it with eight in the morning till sixteen PM. At present, this predator is most active.

With the onset of cold weather and changing preferences of perch. Rotating blesna, which bad take this predator in the summer, in October are not effective. At this time, you can go to the vibrating spoon. Generally, starting in October, you must choose bait that are designed to speed the transaction. It can be a Twister, a variety of foam fish, vibrohvosta, pilkery.

Fishing technique is also important. It is not enough just to know that the most effective step transaction, you should also know how to carry it out. The technique itself is quite simple. You only need to feel the bait. Throwing the bait, it needs to wait until it drops to the bottom, and only after this start posting. After a few revolutions, or until the spoon back down to the bottom. And so throughout the transaction. If You notice that the perch is in one place, try to focus on it. Don’t waste your time holding out a bait this month, quickly cut the line and throw again.

Bite the predator at this time is pretty sluggish. Therefore, fishing for perch in October requires a lot of care. Usually, when you bite there. It just hangs on the hook, and you can only just feel the weight on the other end of the line.

But despite the lethargy of the bite and the behavior, perch grabs the bait very eagerly. Whatever the bait, he swallows it all at once. Fishing, feeling a small punch to make a sharp cutting, and can already be considered that the production of practically in the garden.

Despite not favorable weather, usually in the month of October starts the first cold and rain, sea bass fishing in October is good because it allows to extend the summer season, and enjoy nature walks.


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