Perch fishing in November

In our country, perch is probably the most common fish that you can catch even a novice angler. But on the bottom of his measurements and weight can vary greatly. Small perch weighing up to 100-150 grams and always caught on virtually any bait of animal origin or on small artificial lures. But specimens weighing from 500 grams and higher are caught not everywhere and not always. Consider possible options to catch decent copies in November.

From year to year in the North-Western region of Russia the weather is different, and therefore fishing methods may differ, that is, the perch fishing in November can occur in open water and at first, not thick ice. Fishing on open water depends on several factors. Some of them defines the success of any fishing trip: pressure, wind, temperature. And determines a presence of bass in the waters of the pond this month.

In shallow lakes with relatively level topography of catching large instance quite rare, but here you can break away on the number. In November, bass have gathered in quite large flocks and is held at depth. At this time, catch it is most effective on small lures, a better sink, using jerk posting various animations. Also at this time, justified the use of the jig snap-ins, but since this time, the water becomes sufficiently transparent, jig head equipped with rubber lures dark or natural colors. Perch fishing in November on spinners-turntables also can bring the result, but not so effective like in August or September.

Of course, catching small perch attracts anglers by the number of bites, due to which fishing is extremely hazardous. But what a fisherman does not dream of catching trophy fish. Deep lakes with rugged bottom topography and the presence of underwater stone ridges catching trophy bass that is deep autumn, becomes a reality. At this time, the bass is kept at a depth of 10-15 meters, but the fed moves to the exit from the pits to a depth of 4-5 meters. Perch fishing in November is more effective in a relatively warm days, with constant or smoothly high atmospheric pressure and little wind South or West directions. The first stage of such fishing is the search for active bass. On large reservoirs used trolling with a fish finder. While deep running crankbaits are screened at depths of 4-6 meters, to greater depths, rocks and sand glaze, attached to them. The point where bites occur, then exploit jig Assembly on the cargo – Cheburashka, or use the snap with the drain lead. If a specific body of water the angler is known in advance these places, fishing is much more productive.

No less interesting is the perch fishing in November on the small rivers on the frog. You can catch both from a boat and from the shore to the Bologna rod. As the bait used small live frogs, the fishing rod is equipped with a heavy float, is able to keep the frog at a certain depth, and the appropriate sized single hook. The use of double in this snap-in is unnecessary and leads only to a larger number of hooks, and holds practically no effect. The boat is placed upstream in front of the pit, a frog clings to the hook behind the back and over the jet descends into the pit. Sinker is moving, the leash is not in use. Bites often occur at the entrance to the pit or on the jet back flow under the steep Bank. The most common method of fishing in late fall is more effective than the use of artificial spinning lures.

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