Perch fishing in may

With the arrival of warm may days, any fisherman can safely say: «Finally!»

And it’s true, because in may, the perch bite is very active and the fishing is characterized by a special comfort: it’s warm, but numerous hordes of pesky mosquitoes and ticks are dangerous yet. Therefore, you can boldly go on exciting multi-day fishing boat and a tent to relax in nature.

In may month, depending on the weather and region that ends with spawning in almost all species of fish (fishing). Very exciting in may may be fishing for perch. And do not be afraid that this period is prohibited fishing with spinning is not so important. The fact that the artificial bait is not very interested in bass. He was at this time prefer to be a dung worm, bloodworm and maggot. It is very interesting to hunt for perch using float tackle at the edge of reeds or thick underwater vegetation. In this case, instead of the hook it is better to use large silver (color can be chosen depending on the reservoir) of the jig with a nozzle in the form of a beam bloodworm or maggots. Despite the fact that the angler is much more comfortable to fish in quiet coves, soft ripples on the water always increases the number of bites. The thing is that swaying on the waves, float contributes to the spinners. In this case the lure will always look much more appetizing.

When the perch fishing is among the bushes or in zakoryazhennyh places, experienced fishermen suggest celkovou easy to arm tackle. It will allow you to sh all the horizons from the bottom to the surface, and will also be much more precisely deliver the bait to the point of fishing. The best bait is considered to be bloodworms. However, if you perch a lot and it is very large, it can be used as bait brush manure worm, bait or maggots.

On large bodies of water for fishing from the shore is advised to use the Donk-zakidushku. Hungry bass always moves actively in water in search of food. In this case, the best nozzle will fry, manure worm or larva of the lamprey (veretenko).

If the perch decided to bite, then do it he will do the full program. Based on this, we can draw 2 conclusions:

1) the bass fishing is best suited to those who do not like to wait very long to adjust to the peculiarities of the bottom topography and currents;

2) for an active fish need a sturdy and reliable tackle.

After spawning, bass typically swims close to the site of laying eggs, eating with all that comes his way. Until mid-may, the fish begins to gather in flocks and move to designated long-stay (quiet places, overgrown shallow floodplain). The reason is simple – in overgrown areas always easier to ambush to eat smaller fish. It should be noted that after sunset, the bass won’t show any activity – it just stops and will begin to gain strength before the next day.

Technique and tactics for catching perch and pike are very similar. So cooked for pike tackle you can easily catch a big, handsome perch.


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