Perch fishing in March

In early spring, when most of the ponds still covered with ice last, slowly decaying in the shallows under the action of sunlight to form patches. The ponds are very active to get enough of the vital oxygen, why is plankton and fry of various fish species move slowly in the shallows. It is in these places often perch because the water is rich in oxygen, gradually activates the activity of this predator. Active perch fishing in March is almost right under the ice, where he’s going in search of fry. Bite him this time more energetic, because the lure, the predator goes immediately.

Optimal depth, suitable for perch fishing in March – no more than 2 metres. If fishing happens on water, frozen by ice, the angler need to drill holes with a ladder in order to detect perches pack. Larger specimens, as a rule, would always deeper places. It is noticed that at the March fishing caught the biggest perch weighing more than 1 kg

After a flock of perch discovered, you can go to the lure selection. Perch fishing in March will be more productive when using small spinners or fry. If your stock tips, prepared in the autumn (thistles, moths, worms) over and bloodworm is not available, you can use a variety of improvised lures. These include perches the eyes and fins, pieces of raw fish meat or small pieces of ordinary white foam. The latter is impregnated with the eggs and blood of perch or raw egg white, then it is necessary to boil. A good result is the use as a nozzle Okuneva gills. It is best to use the gills of freshly caught fish. It is desirable to take pieces of no more than 3-3,5 mm. to Store the bait in plastic containers with water. It would be nice if they are slightly will freeze slightly. Over time these pieces will lose their color and palatability for fish, but the bite is not affected. This is perfect for holding bait on the hook, but it is best to change it after every 2-3 caught perch. For bait is perfect inside of eyes or ruff.

To catch bass during this period can also be balancers or spoon-baits. But these methods of fishing always require the fisherman great dexterity. Perch fishing in March by the sheer trolling like fishing a jig. The ideal size of the spinner is 3-5 cm, as the hook will fit a small tee. It is desirable to decorate the best for attracting perch.

Because the predator in early spring, becomes much more active, it is necessary to increase the number of oscillations of the lure up to four times per second, and the very transaction to do a little faster. The line to tackle better to choose stronger. The sting of the hook it is desirable to conceal entirely, to increase the likelihood of catching your trophy bass. The bite in this case will occur more often. In early spring, just don’t miss the pre-spawning perches feeding period which starts from mid-end of March. At this time the predator approaches the coast, leaving the wintering pit, and begins an ardent hunt for fry. If you decide to put on a hook live bait, remember that it is best for this purpose, suitable fish, which the bass hunts in the pond.

Fishing for bass in March, it is best to start near the shore, within the distance of 10-20 meters. However, with significant depth in a chosen fishing location, the angler should start fishing closer to shore. Well, if you have the opportunity to fish in flooded bushes, in the islets of water vegetation and various structures. It is in these places our predator and ambush their prey. Trophy fish are often caught on the rocky parts of the reservoir. The main sign by which you can learn about the presence of a perch – fry shoals in some places of the pond.

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