Perch fishing in July

In July, the bass starts on the peak of the biting and many anglers armed with guns, move to water.

Arriving at the pond, the fisherman must first determine the location of fishing. In this period of perch mainly live in forested aquatic vegetation creeks and deep holes. Choice of fishing will play the most important role in the successful catch.

The second main issue is the selection of tackle that a fisherman will use when fishing. Consider the two most simple and efficient method of perch fishing in July: fishing with a float rod and fishing spinning lure.

1) Fishing with a float rod is the most simple but very efficient method of fishing. It is ideal for beginners. Consider the basic intricacies that should be considered by the fisherman, by choosing this method of catching perch. Let’s start with rods. The rod for fishing from the Bank, it is expedient to choose the length from 4 to 6 meters. This length is enough for successful fishing. When fishing from boats should use a shorter gear. The rod is telescopic to take, consisting of 4-6 knees with slow systems. The tip of the rod should be of medium hardness so the fisherman was able to figure out reliably solid lip perch. The rod should be equipped with rings and a small coil. Fishing line for perch you can take with a diameter of 0.14-0.18 mm, especially considering the amount of fish living in the pond where fishing. The carrying capacity of the float must also be chosen depending on the places of fishing, namely, given the lack of flow or, on the contrary, its availability. Ohrozit float fishing better, one using a sliding sinker and a small shepherd boy. Hook for perch it is better to bind directly to the main line, avoiding the use of the leash. Special attention anglers need to be chosen with the hook: it needs to be sharper, as the bass hard enough on his lip. Hooks is better to use medium size. As attachments to the July perch include worms, bloodworms and small fish.

Cast fisherman can carry out across the most promising areas he has chosen for fishing. Fishing for bass need to mainly in the bottom layer, since there accumulate the bulk of the perch. At a bad biting, the fisherman can move the nozzle in the middle layer of water, because you can move the fish. Prior SCORM the places of fishing in the bass fishing does not occur.

2) Fishing spinning lure. This type of fishing is suitable for the more experienced fishermen, who have mastered the fundamentals of catching by a spinning. The angler should have a rod with a test 5-25 gram reel with plenty of speed. Better to put a fishing line braided with a diameter of 0.14 mm for more delicate fishing. Fishing is carried out on light spinners. For the most successful fishing angler should experiment with posting alternate short, long, etc .

At this time of the year most successful biting the fisherman will be able to see in the morning and evening.

For the most comfortable process perch you can buy anti-glare glasses that will need a bright Sunny day. In the process of catching the man, tired hands, he needs to buy a special stand. To keep fresh perch, you can buy a tank for float fishing or cook for catching big perch on spinning.

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