Perch fishing in January

Perch is a common prey fish found in almost any body of water on the territory of our country. And even if fishing is not managed, the bass will always be your lifesaver. Still, the perch fishing in January is not so easy, as it reduces its activity, and it becomes inactive. A great influence on the life of this fish comes from how rich the pond in which he lives, oxygen. It thrives in flooded gullies, old river beds, if there is enough oxygen. Prefers a solid bottom and is held near the Parking lots of small fish. Bass also likes the bottom, covered with snags.

The lack of oxygen perch may start to feel stagnant pools. In order for the perch fishing in January was successful, the angler must be guided very well in the selected reservoir. In January, come the hard frosts and cold winds. They inconvenience not only to fishermen but to the perch. If it is bad to know the features of perch in January and not know the pond, it will have to cut more than one hole. Small perch activity is maintained due to the fact that he moved to the bottom, where the water temperature does not drop below 4 degrees Celsius.

Going on a fishing trip in January, enough to take the bait with marmarinou tackle. This gear, which is used in vertical fishing. In more rare cases, use of fishing rods for fishing on the float. But more convenient for perch in January there is a rod and reel. Such a tackle is more often used for fishing of this fish.

The length of the whip must not be less than 15 centimeters. Due to this size, you can create some cushioning during sweeps and to protect the already weak line from breakage.

For catching small perch will fit any rod. But to catch a perch of large size, need to stock up on appropriate tackle.

To the number of bites was more bulky, the diameter of fishing line should be small. Most often, for the January fishing select fishing line with a diameter of 0.15 mm.

To improve the efficiency of perch in January, it is best to apply mormexico tackle. But we must remember that this fish is in the middle of winter, it becomes very selective in the benefits and it is more like a sluggish game or its complete absence. As practice shows, good fishing on mormyshka «devil». Nice to use the bulk spinner length not more than 7 millimeters. For greater efficiency added colored hairs.

A nod is taken to be rigid, and its length should be 10 inches. To nod bent only slightly, you well-adjusted. Otherwise, the bite will be hard to see, which will significantly worsen the situation.

Tips for perch in January, uses a variety. But best of all the fish caught on bloodworms. Also suitable as nozzles maggots, manure worm, fish fillet, eye of the perch.

Perch in January and you can catch a minnow and jig. But fishing on mormyshka is more severe and begins with seething wells that is a time consuming job. For a start, drilled about ten holes and they begin to harvest. If you are not able to catch bass in any of the holes, it is necessary to depart from them at 200 meters and to continue churning holes.

The color of the lures that caught the bass, may be different: white, red, or a combination. In Sunny and bright days the fishing will be much more successful on a more dull baubles, which are made of copper or brass, and on an overcast day to better catch bass on the spinner from white metal.

Perch rather bite on the spoon that goes in the water slowly, so not worth it when trolling to constantly pull the rod. Most effective after a few uplifts to knock the bait along the bottom.

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