Perch fishing in April

In April begins to be active perch. This is especially true in the middle of the month, as the bass begins the spawning and the fish are very hungry, greedily grabs everything that somehow resembles food. Perch fish schooling. It is found in almost all waters of Russia. To find him is not difficult. Usually it is held in the depths or near the shore, under the cliffs and slopes on a mild current.

Hunting perch, mostly attacking prey from an ambush, in which you can find several representatives of his barbed pack. If caught on the hook one whale, has the meaning as quickly as possible to sh in the same area again because there is a strong likelihood that it was there where they were caught one bass that will catch others of his flock. These things cannot be lost and waste time. In April the bass are holding closer to shore where the water is warmer in the shallow areas at depths of one to three meters. To catch bass in April on spinning and bait. A very interesting and gambling and perch fishing on spinning, because there is a possibility that even in bellevie in bad weather, this striped handsome will delight you with its greedy bites. Perch are not particularly picky about the weather changes, so bite even when every other fish flatly refuses to do it. To catch perch spinning is best with spinners, and the smaller size of the spinner, the more likely it is to catch a perch. Wersalki stronger attract the attention of perch than spoons. Jig and twisters also has not been canceled. For perch it is better to take a small bait because large often only scare away the fish with their size. Bass need to feel superior over the victim and be sure that he will cope with it. The rod should be about two and a half meters in length, bezinertsionnaja coil for better casting and sensitive transactions. It is known that perch might be cannibals, and eat the young of their own species, so when choosing the color of lure should give preference to wersalka with the color, reminds perches. Very often in April, catching redfish on spinning, the bite is happening at the Bank. Bass almost always attacks the bait front, waiting in ambush. As a rule, perch suits their ambush under steep banks with moderate current, where it is possible to hide behind stones or karyagami, and there to wait for prey.

When angling you need to pay attention to the bait. For starters, it must be positioned as close as possible to the bottom of the reservoir. This is achieved by regulating the depth of the float. For bait you can use any meat, fish, crayfish or fishing, bait roach. Very good as bait proven the tails and fins of fish. Perch are biting on them very well. You can fish on the worm. There were occasions when a worm caught a small roach, but it was immediately attacked by a greedy perch, and it’s pretty common. From the beginner familiarity with the spinning begins with the perch.

In April, the perch is very voracious for spawning. His goal at that time was always to fill the belly than anyone, because he is not particularly picky about food, and swallow anything. So April is an excellent period for catching this striped predator. In General, to catch a perch is not difficult. Sometimes this happens unconsciously, spontaneously and unexpectedly, when they hunt for other fish. With this representative of the fish fauna, as a rule, get acquainted novice anglers who want to catch pike, but they first to be caught on the hook perch.

April is the most promising month for catching this barbed striped beauty. Perch fishing in April — a simple matter, but at the same time very exciting as there is the opportunity to experiment with baits and methods of fishing, and enjoy the joy of catching such a beautiful and strong fish. Spring — a time of great hope. All successful fishing, and nor tail, nor scales!


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