Peled, or whatever it is called in the vernacular «cheese» is a kind of kind and whitefish inhabit the rivers and lakes. This fish can live even in shallow lakes without tributaries. For this reason, its spread, she received throughout the North-Western part of our vast country.

Peled is laterally compressed and relatively high body, which is studded with silvery scales. Reaches a medium size and weight even goes up to three pounds. To the table it is served, usually in dried or smoked state, so it is more tasty. Habitat Peled covers such water as the basins of the Arctic ocean, stretching from the Kolyma river to Meseni. Lately there’s been a lot of work in terms of acclimatization. And there is the opportunity to meet this fish in the territory runs from Tajikistan to the Murmansk region. For Peled better stay in the cool waters, and besides, compared to other types of family pigou, it is more resistant to water saturated with oxygen. In natural water bodies are to live mainly in flocks, and feed on crustaceans. To find food in the deep waters fish need to descend as close as possible to the bottom, moving in the most the thickness of the reservoir.

On a normal float rod with a hook Peled almost impossible to catch it all for one simple reason, fish are very shy and cautious. But it can be caught despite the weather and in the dark and the daytime. To catch this fish you need to thoroughly disguise, otherwise all attempts will be in vain.

Peled prefer active fishing flying above the water surface for insects. For this reason, its location can be freely defined by circles on the water and, of course, bursts.

Though to catch the fish on poplavochny tackle is problematic, yet it remains the most common method. In addition to using the tackle with no sinkers or fishing fly fishing. As a nozzle it would be better to spread the worm, bloodworms or small shrimp, but in some cases, the use of maggots.

Due to the fact that Peled mouth is small, then the hooks must not exceed the number 4 and 5. And the scaffold should have a diameter of 0.2 mm, if there is a probability of catching larger fish, then the fishing line can be put slightly thicker. Need not very sharply cut, the fish is quite soft tissues and can break the entire oral cavity. In the latter case there is the probability that the fisherman will be left without fish and the fish will die.

Winter fishing Peled, usually conducted on the rig equipped with a jig. Fish in the winter time of year comes very close to the ice, so it’s deeply not to drop the bait. The bite occurs mainly in the lifting tackle, but do not excessively play with the bait, the fish can get scared and run away. The shyer fish in the winter is not dull, is still, to be quiet and not to walk on the ice near the hole.

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