Peculiarities of fishing in muddy waters

Due to the fact that the water clouded, the fish stormed the bait much bolder, more confident and more active, the need to use nod disappears.

Due to the fact that visibility under water cover in that time is very limited, any delay fish can lead to the loss of her from view of the possible feed of the object. What stands on the shore fishermen through turbid water, it does not see, and therefore bite without fear. To frighten the intended prey, you can only decently nachumi.

Start catching best with «fast» lures. In the morning the «Breakfast» face many predators. Further, depending on what kinds of predatory fish in this pond dominant, you, with your usual set of vertical spinners, select the shape, size and color of jig that will catch.

In highly turbid water pretty well work, when fishing in the bottom plots, rocker black and some «rattle» lures Rattlin type. For carrying out vertical fishing lure, preferably in the absence of such experience of fishing, first practice at home, in the bath or aquarium. You must first understand how it will behave under water one or the other Wobbler. Particularly desirable this option of buying new lures when they need to pick up the required frequency, the speed of transactions and the necessary time to pause. If this is not done, then a new, unproven, even very good bait, can be in your Arsenal is simply «dead».

At this time very active and voracious pike, therefore, very desirable to put before the bait leashes made of fine and durable drive pin material.

When vertical fishing you can use other charms in a variety of combinations and combinations. Good results can bring heavy baitless jigs, «devils», «witches» and jig heads with oversized eyes weighing up to ten grams, with impaled on them with the worm Nightcrawlers or a bunch of red manure worms.

Often while fishing there is a need to fast change of bait or the product of its combination with some animal head. It is better to have them prepared in advance and already equipped with leashes. For quick change of lures will be good to install on the main fishing line with a swivel clasp. Such a snap element is itself the object of attack of various fish, so it can be equipped with small trinicom with any attachments, and he will be a good snag.

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