Peas as bait

Pea is a very robust attachment. In properties it is very similar to corn. Peas well attracts fish, thus weeds out different things. Usually the peas, the fish are biting, the weight of which exceeds 350 grams. Simultaneously, the peas are extremely attractive for large individuals. The fish are always ready to rush to the pea.

Peas corn better? To answer this question, one and the other bait you need to prepare. Corn doesn’t need cooking. Usually caught on canned corn.

But canned peas for fishing very rarely used. The fish are more attracted to the boiled peas.

Corn is most suited for carp fishing and peas is good bream.

But the taste preferences of fishes in different water bodies differ, so do not be afraid to experiment.

Cooking peas

To cook the peas, it is necessary to buy. Peas that are sold in supermarkets, is not suitable for cooking because they sell broken and not whole peas. Appropriate peas can be found in the market.

But that’s not all. Direct cooking peas is impossible, first it must soak in water for a few hours, but not less than 5. If the air is cool, then leave the peas in the water for 10 hours, otherwise he will not have time to soften. Water from the tap for this purpose is not suitable, because it contains a lot of chlorine. Spring water is the perfect option.

Peas cooked less than 1 hour. But to watch him have this time carefully. Put the peas to the moment when it begins to burst the skin.

Peas should soften, but the grain must remain intact.

A pea should be placed on the hook so that the sting protruded, or when the cutting can be difficult. If the sting is hidden, not all cuttings will be successful.

During the hunt for big fish it is better to stick at the same time a few grains on the hook.

Peas can be added to the bait. It can be tenderized, it doesn’t matter. Serve the peas in different ways:

Periodically to throw a few peas to float. This method is suitable only in the case if the casting is very close to the shore, otherwise, just send the bait impossible.

— Feed grains slingshot. That way you can send the bait to a distance more than 15 meters.

Place the peas inside the balls with food;

— Filing with the bulbs from the soil. This method is used for catching on reservoirs with the strong current. This method is good because it allows the peas to sink to the bottom.

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