Overview single-barreled rifle IZH-18, its characteristics, advantages and disadvantages

Shotgun model IZH-18 is designed for Amateur and industrial work, as a rule, this gun can shoot different charges, but rather bullet cartridges, buckshot or buckshot. The charges themselves may be in paper, plastic or metal casings. If you have already drawn your attention to those guns, then you probably were able to notice that precisely trims not here, but fly, which during the parsing works guns, can easily be separated from the pad. The outer surface of the shaft could pass two processing, but rather is a chemical oxidation or black chromium plating, however, the gun was produced in two versions, as each type of finish has its advantages. Along with this, the bore and the chamber was chrome. The gun, along with the ribbon connected by special under-barrel hook, as well as a forend latch and hinge. Unlocking and locking of trunks were made with a special lever, the lever is mounted directly behind the trigger guard.

Let’s talk now about the trigger mechanism, in this case, but rather in the model, the IZH-18 is in the trigger mechanism a trigger, respectively, it is mounted in the Shoe. The construction trigger may only be conducted when opening of the trunk. In a rifle IZH-18 as you can see installed manual safety, which is required for locking the trigger. The bed can be made of birch or beech wood, which is impregnated with a special solution, but rather a natural drying oil or in the second case, just covered with a varnish specialists. The forearm is fixed on the base of the trunk with the help of special clips, but the neck of the Lodge, in most cases it was the pistol version, sometimes it can be and perfectly straight. As we mentioned earlier, developers are constantly carried out modernization, and with it the weapon itself received not only new items but also the mechanisms.

Now is to talk a bit about a modified version of the gun, which was called IZH-18E. The modification is that the gun IZH-18E was equipped with an ejector mechanism which, if necessary, the hunter may disable or enable it at any time. IZH-18 and to this day is in mass production and has many calibers, ranging from the twelfth and ending with the thirty-second. The weight of guns of different calibers reaches from 2.6 kg to 2.8 kg. However, that gun is in any case can not be attributed to the type of light, but this weight can be safely allowed to the standard.

Now let us examine the advantages that are present in the IL-18 and in fact there are not a small number, but we decided to talk and to parse only the most basic. The first and perhaps the most important advantage is the reliability of the trigger, rifle weight can be attributed to easy, but here any more it all depends on the physical capabilities of the hunter. Established substantially higher prekladatele, this applies to both the stock and and handguard. Unlocking the trunk is extremely convenient, it needs only to raise the necessary lever, and then the barrel in an automatic manner, independently reclines, while for the hunter zarisovyval the chamber. Also during these steps, the trigger is in battle mode. In this case, there is a possibility to make the shot as a fuse in this type of weapon is not automatic.

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