Overview of therapeutic properties fat different kinds of wild animals and its conservation

Overview of therapeutic properties fat different kinds of wild animals and its conservation

Hunting gives not only the fur and meat, but also valuable fat, which can be used as a food source and as a medicine. It is believed that the most outstanding properties of the fat of the beast, falls into hibernation: badgers, raccoons, etc.

The therapeutic effect of such fat can be directly linked to increased power and, as a consequence, accumulation of large stocks of nutrients and bioactive substances, important for a long hibernation.

An example is the healing effect bear grease produced before hibernation, or in the beginning of the period of hibernation, the beast. Bear fat is used for injuries of the skin, and in the case of gastrointestinal diseases, damage to the mucous membranes and esophagus, it is accepted inside.

Sorcery, badger and bear fat can be used for the treatment of pulmonary diseases when eating with hot milk and rubbing and compresses it is effective for rheumatism.

Fat raccoon dogs, foxes, etc. can be used in the same way, and the fat of wild boars, deer, etc. — both internally and externally. For medical use suitable visceral fat, and the fat of the peritoneum, i.e., melted visceral fat of healthy animals.

Water bath is used for heating fat. Visceral fat is washed in running water to achieve full transparency, then there is cutting the fat into small pieces and laying them in the pan.

Do not completely fill the pan, as rendering the fat will be slowed, so the most effective will be filling the pan up to half. Fat-filled pan, put the pan inside a larger volume, containing within it water.

You want the pot of fat does not touch the bottom and floated in the water, otherwise, it is necessary to put a support under the bottom of the pan with fat. It is necessary to heat the larger volume pot on the fire until the boiling point of water.

Water bath allows to keep the heating fat to a temperature of not more than 95 °C, which allows to preserve medicinal properties of fat. Full rendering requires at least one hour, after which the fat is expressing and bottled in a dark, clean, dry jars.

If there are only transparent banks, they are wrapped in any material that does not transmit ultraviolet light, and then there is the fat, cover tightly closed, without access of air. In the case of high-quality washing, not frozen strained fat should be colorless or slightly yellow, and stark white. Storing it takes place in a dark, dry and cool place.

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