Overview of the work the IZH-94 features, advantages and disadvantages

The developers of the center, called «Taiga» has decided to conduct an individual test, which included a number of different small arms. Mostly attention was paid to the structural part of the mechanism sestrenki trunks. Trunks was made to pick one weapon, then carry out the shots and determine the accuracy. Of course the best result was shown the gun, which contained a device in the form of video, this option was taken by the assistants to send in the series. As it was established the mechanism, working with video, was able to show the best result in the field in relation to other similar systems. The above mechanism enables each hunter to perform a precise adjustment of sostril for secondary points of contact (CTP), for shotguns with vertical shafts. However, experts from the company «Taiga» has created a completely new modification, which allows proper regulation of arms and with horizontal trunks. Muzzle coupler was installed by using a hot grip on cooled rifled barrel, and then recorded additional pin, which is suitable for higher security and reliability.

If necessary, the position of the trunks can be adjusted in both directions, simply rotate the coupling around the muzzle of the rifled barrel. To carry out such adjustment it is necessary for instructions, as otherwise you can hurt your arms or incorrectly installed lock regulation, which after a few shots can quickly be upset and a similar process will have to be repeated.

Let us now we consider how to conduct this kind of regulation. The first thing you need to knock the pin that is locking, you first need the barrel block pin in the grip, please do not use wooden shims to the barrel block could be damaged. Now to the clutch you need to put the tin or brass strip, if you don’t have one on hand, then you can use the usual gas key. Pull the clutch at the desired angle. Remember that the coupler is securely locked, so it will be tight to rotate, and in this regard, and the barrel starts to twist and work in the form of torsion. We highly recommend you to pull the clutch smoothly, but rather choppy. Be extremely careful not to miss the desired angle.

If you do decide to buy «Taiga» with trunks that are joined together by the couplers, then when selecting you should pay special attention to the straightness of the channel rifled barrel. In fact, the straightness isn’t there, so in any case do not think that the design is the marriage is all the ideas the developer. Due to the fact that the weapon has angularity which does not allow to make a quick sighting with a laser beam, you will need to carry out the adjustment by other methods.

To configure the newly acquired «double», you can quickly, while you are only required to study details of how this is done. Detailed information you can find in hunting literature, there is a lot of useful information that will help you make the right adjustment and setup gun. I would like to remind only that «Taiga» fly equipped with a massive base and is a screw with completely flat side surfaces.

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