Overview of gun TOZ-87, its characteristics, advantages and disadvantages

Most of the professional hunters prefer semi-automatic rifles and however, it is not surprising, as it is in semi-automatic rifles has plenty of advantages and they are more convenient to use. With the help of semi-automatic rifles, you can make several shots, unless you need the fixes first shot. Sometimes it happens that the second shot was also not entirely successful passes and misses the goal, then you need a third shot, and this is possible only with the help of semi-automatic rifles. TOZ-87 is a semi-automatic rifle and in fact this weapon has very good features and many experienced hunters prefer it, in fact it’s not even surprising, because the weapon is simply superior to other models in many ways. Today we decided to bring a little review of this unique gun, maybe you want to know more information.

Shotgun TOZ-87 is smooth and refers to the type self-loading, in General, the weapon has been developed based on the previous model, which was called the TOZ-21-12. Tula plant, which specializiruetsya in the production of these guns has already gained considerable success. The gun after the first issue received additional upgrades, as well as specialists have a unique way of improvements, but first gun with all the necessary options first appeared on sale only in the nineties. If you pay attention and just start looking for differences with the previous version of rifle model TOZ-21-12, then you will be able to notice that difference actually turns out to be not so much, but still they are there and if you read the two guns, then you will be able to understand that the differences are significant.

Let’s talk a little about the features of the design are given guns. In principle, as the shotgun TOZ-21-12 and TOZ-87 is intended only for industrial hunting or Amateur, and this gun can be used in any climate and weather conditions. Of course, there are exceptions, experts do not recommend hunting with these rifles in tropical areas, where there is humid climate. This gun, you will be able to apply in a completely different security structures for the purpose of self-defense and defense of their property.

Now it is worth mentioning a few words about automation, so the automation of this gun uses a special principle that under a needs to use the powder gases. Powder gases are discharged specially designed gas chamber from the barrel. The gas chamber is placed immediately in cooperation with the body of the tubular under-barrel, the so-called store. Is generally used two gas holes, thus, it is possible to get from the automatics is significantly big boost gases, and such helps clean the paths from the gas blockages. Of course, you can easily determine the time, if it is determined a big hole, the blockage will occur more intensively.

In the shotgun TOZ-87 is the shutter longitudinal sliding, and, accordingly, the cartridge is locked in the chamber with the aid of the lugs, in fact, in this rifle it is installed quality. Combat focus is included in the window of the shank of the barrel, after the return of the breechblock. However, it is a weapon like any other weapon has its disadvantages, but here they are irrelevant.

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