Organization and conduct of training in shooting from a hunting rifle

The majority of hunters after the season starts to clear our guns, and then locking them in closets and waiting for the new spring season. Of course during this waiting period, sometimes the hunters get their guns, to check if she needs a weapon in re-cleaning. Of course, after such a long wait, the new season may start with near misses, because without training you can just forget how to shoot and it’s not surprising. A lot of hunters probably more than once asked, how can home to train. Actually this is possible, but first you must completely clean the weapon, it is done slowly, the quality must be high. Also do not forget about that training you’ll need additional hardware. You need to have special liners that have elastic capsule nests. These casings you can buy in specialized hunting stores, however, not all of them are present.

If you are not able to buy these cartridges, then you can create them yourself, just want to remind you that for this case you will need a basic locksmith skills. Bronze the fungus, it may still be brass, should be free to enter the capsule nest (this case is the most complex in the manufacture of special ammunition), the fungus must be spring loaded from the inside of the sleeve, it is recommended to use a strong spring. Eventually, the cartridge must be fixed by rolling Dulce on the sleeve. The following is the fixture able to maintain the firing pin spring and firing pin itself accordingly, thus freeing the hunter from using cartridges to shoot that you can use no more than three times for shots.

There is another option, you can in capsule nest to lay several tabs of rubber, it must be as rigid. You have requested to procure five cardboard circles in diameter from five to ten inches. These clubs and will play the role of targets, and you need to prepare too cardboard circles, just pick the diameter, half as much, and also need studs and a thin ribbon of size up to two meters. Also if you have the opportunity, we recommend you buy a laser sight, although you can easily make yourself, for that you need just a laser pointer.

Choosing a laser pointer, you will be able to save, the pointer actually coincides with the development of laser sights. As also previously advertised light training cartridge, but unfortunately, we never were able to notice. You can consider the option of buying an e-machine that simulates shooting on a special stand. Of course, not every hunter wants to buy an expensive trainer, and for many it will simply be unavailable, therefore, should be limited to only paper targets and your gun. When buying weapons you’ve customized the best option to suit your physique, so this stage we’ll ignore that and go straight to the following tips.

The first thing you need to position the gun on the shoulder. If you select bed to your personal data, then the left arm will be bent at an angle of one hundred degrees, in this case, it shall hold the handguard in the middle or slightly closer to the side of the trunks. Cheek should be placed on the crest of the examples, the head should not fall on the right side.

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