Opinion-does Russia Need a ban on spring hunting?

In recent times environmental authorities have increasingly raise the question of the limitation of spring hunting of migratory birds. This is supposedly due to a significant decline in populations of waterfowl. If to speak about the settled birds, the problem here was identified. It is strange that the environmentalists let go of the fact that increasing the number of waterfowl, for example, in the same Eurasia. Of course, hunting reduces the number of birds, but it is impossible to consider the environmental problem from one side only.

It is strange that in Russia the number of geese declined in areas where hunting is carried out rarely or never carried out. You need to take into account the fact that the population is also influenced by wintering conditions and adverse weather factors.

In Europe the situation with the regulation of spring hunting more difficult. The closing of the hunting period is at the beginning of the spring flying game. But due to the fact that in some countries the climate is different, and a departure occur at different times. Thus, the Europeans are hunting migratory birds more than six months. Due to the fact that hunting grounds on the territory of Russia occupy a large area, increasing the concentration of migratory birds on the wintering grounds, and this makes them more vulnerable. Unfortunately, ecologists do not take into account other equally important factors of bird mortality. It can be disease, predators, natural disasters or accidents.

In many regions of Russia bird hunting is forbidden today. But somehow the number game has not increased. Perhaps the problem is that many who were able to buy a hunting license unable to distinguish the female from the male, and eagle from Golden eagle. That is why hunting and turned into a senseless shooting at live targets. The result is often a very complex discussions, the hunters and scientists came to the conclusion that it is useful, but not quite effective. You need to modify this prohibition. In some areas to remove, and some the contrary increased. Ideally, you need to make a clear marking of the ban to the basic Rules of hunting. In addition, it would not hurt to improve the law on hunting, given the bandwidth of certain hunting grounds. And so, as virtually all of the migratory routes of birds are not only in Russia but also in other countries, it would be reasonable to conclude international trade. At the moment signed an agreement with America, India, Korea and Japan, China is also inclined to cooperate.

Based on the foregoing, the conclusion is that the prohibition to carry out on spring hunting in Russia while early. Since Europe in General is not going to raise the issue of some of the limitations of the current hunting season. Changes in the law need to be introduced gradually, working through all aspects on the international level.

The opinion of experts about the ban on spring hunting.

Scientists propose to divide the periods of hunting and upland game birds. This is justified by the different biorhythms and birds. If, for example, the behavior of the woodcock depends on the length of daylight, the geese are more sensitive to weather conditions that affect flight. Late waterfowl hunting will force hunters to shoot from cover (the other kind will be ineffective), and it will be safe for nesting ducks.

The division of hunting upland and waterfowl will bring a number of advantages. First, hunters will be expanded lines participate in various hunts. Secondly, increase the income of the hunting farms. Thirdly, public authorities can ensure a more thorough control, and the Treasury replenished on a budget.

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