One of the options bottom fishing rod — «carousel»

Bottom fishing rods are for different purposes. On fast rivers, for example, use «carousel.» It is good that the nozzle hooks can be sent right on target, that is in the right place at any distance from the shore, yet let the sinker. In «carousel» a double line of adequate strength fixed fixed weight.

Many fishermen use «carousel», going for the giants of the genus of cyprinid fish. Catchability promises to be fishing for carp and carp in July. At this time, the water is well warmed up, and at the bottom is a lot different insects.

In the middle of the summer season you can have a great catch of IDE, providing a gear head from pieces of meat or shellfish.

Catch «carousel» at this time, and soma. Fishing can be arranged the night, in the first part, then rest until dawn. At dawn the fish will bite within two hours.

Individuals up to 8 – 12 kg are caught when the sun is up, then a break until the evening, the end of biting at dusk.

What is the bottom design? This is a working line and a line for transport.

Sinker for this you need heavy tackle to the water didn’t carry.

Float on bottom fishing rod is not needed.

On the line for the transport attached durable retainers that hold the end position of this kind of donkey.

Leashes are set different. To predators, to regular fish make the leashes of thin fishing line. Very rarely put the leashes of steel in the hope of catching pike.

Pike do not like fast water, but can be in the place where it pushes the fish fry. Then the pike can be caught on this tackle.

Leashes should be separated from each other a small cross-section and length of a plastic tube. To remove the tackle storage, sleeve stick the hooks.

To know about the bite, «carousel» adjusts the bell, although the bell is usually used by the fishermen the night fishing. For reliability in the day fishing line is better to hold a hand, then you can react to the bite faster.

In «carousel» one of the main roles plays the sinker. Best form – the cone, he will be better on the bottom. Cone usually made of lead. In the top of the cone is soldered into the ring in the 2 – 3 mm and loop diameters for the signal end.

The first ring will do the job of crossing the line, so in his doing without burrs and roughness is smooth, then the fishing line will be intact.

The material used to make this ring should be durable, he will have to withstand heavy loads, it must not be forgotten.

The distance at which can work Karusel — 100m, more to do makes no sense, since it will be difficult to manage.

Cord transport choose to 0.4 mm, and the worker – up to 0.3 mm. longer than the second the First 2 times and 2 – 3 m stock.

Leashes made from fishing line 0.1 mm, often make them detachable, the length is 600 – 700mm. Hooks pick up with a short tip size No. 6 — No. 8, is a predatory fish.

How to store this gear? After fishing, you first need to make sure that fishing line is not damaged, then winding up on a bobbin separate from the working line.

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