On which the feathered inhabitants hunt in the steppes

One hundred years ago, the land strip of steppe of Ukraine was famous for the numerous bird population. The Demoiselle cranes, little bustards, bustards were found in these places are everywhere. But human intervention in the life of nature has made the changes. Celina swung open, and the winged inhabitants began to move to neighbouring areas, to leave their spaces.

Today Demoiselle is a rare guest in these lands. Living on the territory of the country of Demoiselle cranes can count no more than a dozen pairs. Preserved cranes only on the coast of the Azov and Black seas and near lake Sivash.

Belladonna not build nests in places where no nearby virgin land. The hope is that through the years these birds will accept the new conditions and begin to multiply and to inhabit the vast territory, very little. These birds are already listed in the red book.

Little bustards, as well as Demoiselle cranes are endangered birds. Only a few dozen pairs of little bustards reside in the territory of Ukraine. With father’s places, they began to say goodbye after ploughing lands. This is despite the fact that the snow these birds do not nest, and make their bird houses in the fields.

The only place in the country where the bustards annually nest – Provalsky steppe in the region of Voroshilovgrad. Even during seasonal flights of these birds are not encouraging as in past years – in the first quarter of the last century, their were so many that allowed them to be shot. At the same time, they are so small that you need to take care of them as a unique monument of nature.

Bustards remain true to their native steppes. Some of these birds moved North and settled in the area of Polesie. Bustard can be found in many other lands of Ukraine. Area their habitat extends all the way to the Chernihiv region.

Nesting family of great bustard in the territories is not the main part of the bird’s inhabitants dwells in the steppe zone, other nests meet the «point» at a distance from each other for hundreds of kilometers. Their total population has recently declined significantly.

During seasonal flights bustard can meet much more often. If the winter is warm, the birds stay in the cabin in the Barrens, near sea coasts. With the approach of spring the flocks leave the place of residence and moved in an easterly direction from the border of the country.

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