Omul — fish schooling, is a valuable inhabitant of lake Baikal and all the rivers flowing into it. In these rivers the fish spawn, while not up ice. ROE Cisco is trying to put on the pebbly and stony soil in areas with high currents at water temperatures of five degrees Celsius and below. Fecundity of the fish can vary from twenty-two to seventy-five thousand berries. Fry the fish in the rivers for a long time and makes their flows directly into lake Baikal.

Is an adult fish reaches a length of forty five centimeters and weighs up to two kilograms. Sexual maturity of the fish is not evenly distributed, it may come in five years and nine. Omul larvae feed on algae, copepods, and adults, in addition to this feed, they feed on various aquatic insects and larvae of some fish species. ROE of whitefish eaten by grayling and the youth, burbot, pike and perch. Large flocks and small flocks of omul in spring and summer are moving around the lake in search of food, and in autumn gather in shoals which move in the lower reaches of rivers, bridges your spawn. Omul overwinter at depths of from two hundred to five hundred meters.

Caught omul on lake Baikal both in summer and winter. Summer fishing is done with spinning. Cisco is taking the mobile and stationary baits, preference is given first. As bait by local fishermen used a painted piece of foam. Tellingly, a piece of foam the fish are biting particularly hard. As for spinning, you can decide on what bait the fish are biting more problematic. After all, omul — the fish is very interesting and can be attracted by any bait. A lot can depend on the mood of the Cisco currently. If Cisco doesn’t want a long peck, it is advisable to change your lure. The catch of Arctic Cisco can be successful from a boat. Fishing in such cases better to go out at night and water to illuminate the lamp. Small crustaceans come up in the light of a lantern, followed by Cisco. You can apply tackle. Especially venerated ice fishing. The ice is characterized by excellent transparency and through the ice we see the fish that swims in the depths of the water. Baikal fishermen cover the surface of the ice snow baby, to the fishermen, the fish could not see.

The catch of Arctic Cisco from by any means and at any time of the year should be careful not to do sharp and strong holds. The fish is very delicate and thin lips and too sharp cutting lips can tear or completely tear. The Baikal omul meat nutritious and delicious, fat contents are high (from six to sixteen percent).

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