October fishing

With the onset of October, the sky begins to frown, often lifted by the wind and rains. Trees begin to drop off leaves. Morning over the water is white fog, but after the sun begins its movement across the sky, the fog begins to dissolve and settle drops of dew on the bushes and grass. The grass takes on a black tint.

The bait with the use of the float in the days of October you can catch already known and tested. This place is good fishing lure. At this time, the fish are reluctant to bite in the morning, but closer to the middle of the day bite is becoming more active. Before going to the autumn fishing take care of your clothes. Nature this month may present you with surprises.

For fishing with float this month it is better to use a light sinker, sensitive float and a very thin line. But don’t forget, if your hook bait will slowly sink to the bottom, it is better to increase the weight of the sinkers. Various small fish and perch will just eat your bait. Be sure to check settling velocity in the soil your weights. Use thin fishing line.

Of artificial lures shows very well the jig. In October, they better attract fish. React like fish family carp, predatory species. Although to pick up the jig pretty hard. On a quiet and stagnant water, use small and light lures, and where there is current, use larger spinners. Each fish has its own advantages, so the perch never bite on a jig, he loves the roaches.

In fact, the choice here is small. During the day fish may bite on different types of lures. To determine which is better, is to change the jig. No need to put on a few jigs. That you will reduce the duration of the experiment. On the contrary, you only spend your time on the knots.

Before the onset of the cold, the spinning starts good bite for perch and pike. But there are some difficulties due to the fact that temperature decreases. Start freezing hands. With gloves on of course nice and warm, but not very convenient. Morning in October there are frosts and the line may stick to the guide rings. This can be fought successfully, if the time to lubricate the rings with vaseline or grease.

In a rather advantageous position are the fishermen who catch for the road. Because they are unable to dress warmly and to hide in his gloves hands.

Autumn pike begins an intense feeding period, so fishermen catch on mugs, not sitting at home. Before you get up the ice to catch pickerel. Spinning Oct the most coveted month for pike. Good enough show themselves with spoons, bright colors. The bait should be at the very bottom with a little speed. The predator at this time of year prefer deep space. You can also use a fishing rod with a float, to use as bait live bait.

Until about mid-October, the fish will slowly go to the place of wintering, i.e., in pits or whirlpools. After a while she gradually falls asleep. To secure a great score on such holes. Good biting bream and roach. A ground rod can be raised and large bream.

Roach and white bream can be caught on warm days on a float in the deep waters. Well eat wheat, but do not forget about the jig.

On small rivers you can catch brush, bleak and gudgeon. In late autumn a large predator out of these reservoirs. The predator goes in the larger rivers and pits, but small fish remains in their seats. Caught it from the bottom in quiet places on the moth or worm.

Stands alone on the Riptide elec, in places you can catch in the wiring. In places where a lot of driftwood fry or small pieces of fish you can catch perch. You can also use a jig or lure.

Slowly the numbness starts to go burbot. He starts biting. Burbot can be caught on a bunch of worms. You can use frog. But the best attachment is the brush. You can combine the pieces of fish and frog. The easiest way to catch burbot is a ground rod with attached bell.

In order not to waste energy before the long winter, most of the fish, in October trying to go on their lot.


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