Nozzle for catching carp — bread

Even the professional fisherman sometimes uses very simple and sometimes cheap lures. One of such available bits is an ordinary bread. Usually fishermen use the crumb, not the crust. But any limits there.

A piece of bread can be rolled into a ball and spread on a hook or fasten it with a hair installation. This method requires that the bread was close to hook, not directly on it. Both the first and the second method requires the skills of fine workmanship. But after a few workouts, everything goes like clockwork. For convenience, you can use the hooks that are based on the spiral or a spring.

For those who does not want to spend money, and doing it all yourself, there is one way to save money. You need to wear a simple spring from a ballpoint pen on the hook and fix it there. But since time is money, it is probably easier to buy ready-made. Such a spring would serve as the framework for the bread and the longer it will retain its shape.

Dry crusts of bread or some toasted cubes of sourdough can be used when the hair installation. In the finished pieces made holes in there and stick a wire or hair. To prevent the cut wire of bread, first in the holes to push little plastic tube.

Because the bread attracts not only carp, but other fish, it should be used in those places where it is definitely known that there are classes. Air bubbles on the water surface can indicate their place of residence. Or you can go on private ponds, where for a fee can fish.

There is another way to use bread as bait. The bread crust does not sink, and therefore this property should be used. Throwing a bait into the pond, it is necessary to disguise it with different pieces of bread crusts. Thus even the most cautious carp will not be able to distinguish where a simple slice or a hook. For casting long distance bait, you can use the slingshot. But to catch the crumb and the crust does not have to be spinning, and using a simple float fishing rods.

Like all tips, bread also has a number of disadvantages. For example, due to the fact that it is very soft, it cannot be used for a long time. After an hour or two it fades. Another drawback is that the bread is very few fish substances. But it is quite fixable. Making scented ointment or bought in the store attractants, and the problem is solved.

So, spinning in his hands, the bread in his pocket, and boldly to the pond.

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