Night fishing

As soon begins to darken, many fishermen start to turn off their gear and go home. However, some fishermen have just come to the pond to fish at night.

Night fishing, the occupation is very interesting, and the quality of the catch is very often more successful than usual, fishing in the daytime. The night fishing has several advantages. At night near the shore of the pond is usually uncrowded, no heat, and the main advantage is that many large predators come out to hunt after dark.

The most common tools for night-fishing is spinning, float and bottom fishing rods. Going night fishing, you can get a bunch of indescribable emotions, but it requires not only technical, but also mental preparation.

Night fishing predator on spinning, recently gaining increasing popularity. Nightfall to hunt out such predators as IDE, perch, pike and many other big fish. They are caught in shallow waters a variety of fish fry.

Night fishing for walleye is considered the most hazardous. Feature when fishing is that you need to do is to throw and release the bait with the current to a considerable distance. Night fishing for walleye on the mustache, is considered the most emotional way of catching this predator. It is better to choose a quiet clear weather. Look for the predator is better in shallow water, by means of Popper or a floating lure. The bait must keep on top of, so that the water dispersed whiskers, which are clearly visible in the moonlight. The appearance of walleye can be identified by the resulting wave.

Tackle for night fishing, not particularly different from the gear used for the fishing spinning reel in the daytime. The only difference is that they have to be a little more powerful and bigger.

A peaceful fish, usually caught at night with a ground rod or a conventional rod with a float. To take was clearly visible, the rod is equipped with floats — fireflies. Such floats are well lit, visible at a great distance and not scare away your light the fish.

When fishing a bottom bait the bite is indicated by the ringing of the bell tied to it. However, bell does have some drawbacks, it is not always possible to hear, with a sharp bite he can fly and just get lost in the grass.

Another fish that is better to catch at night, it is burbot. It is usually caught on the bottom gear. As bait is usually use small fish, frogs or worms. Burbot bite better in moonless, rainy nights. Tackle must be very strong, with a single large hook. As the fish takes the bait usually deep, and to unhook it in the dark is not easy, it is best to stock up with plenty, easily replaceable leashes.

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